Direct Download AVG AntiVirus Free 18.7.3069

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Direct Download AVG AntiVirus Free 18.7.3069: All those users who need basic protection against all types of viruses and malware, they should surely go for AVG Anti Virus software.  A very important feature, which is also known to be the free feature is the one that helps in keeping the PC clean and as a result of the same, it helps in boosting the overall performance of the system. There are a number of threats that we users face on a daily basis, some of them being an intrusion of malicious files, and using this software will make sure that it scans the entire website for you and will also detect the website that it feels is dangerous for you. This happens because of its smart scanning feature. This smart scanning feature helps in monitoring the behavior of the network and also makes sure that a file is scanned more than once even if some changes are made to it.

Direct Download AVG AntiVirus Free 18.7.3069

With the advent of the new toolbar in the system, it helps in keeping the identity of the user protected and it also keeps away all the viruses and malware. This is one of the most popular software that people are using. It is also known to offer free anti-virus protection to the users all across the globe. If you are a user who uses the previous version, you will surely get the latest update when you install the new version.

What are the features of AVG AntiVirus Free 18.7.3069

  1. The latest version uses low resources in order to bring protection to its users. It also keeps on releasing virus databases periodically for all the users so that they are updated to the latest version.
  2. If you have a strong internet connection, all the users will be able to make use of automatic updates.
  3. This software also provides real-time protection to its users. This is done by the system by monitoring all the actions that are performed by the system and also the users. It is done with the help of a shield known as AVG Resident Shield.
  4. There is also an AVG scanner that scans the email. This scanner makes sure that your email is always kept safe and clean. Also, with the help of this AVG On-Demand Scanner, it will also perform all types of tests, the focus will be on the scheduled tests and the manual tests.
  5. It will also make sure that the users keep on receiving constant protection and also the free virus database updates. It is made sure that the users get these updates for a lifetime.
  6. It will also safely handle all the threats that are detected within the vault of AVG, also known as AVG Virus Vault.
  7. The browsing of the web is safe if the user is using an AVG Link Scanner. This scanner helps in checking the web pages and it will also show you all the safety ratings before you visit these.
  8. The range of protection of this anti-virus software is from standard anti-virus scanning up to blocking all the dangerous websites. Also, there is a performance optimizer that will let you make the most of your system and there is also a file shredder that will help you in deleting any type of file you want.
  9. The kind of technology that this system is same as that of used by Avast.

Direct Download AVG AntiVirus Free 18.7.3069

So without wasting any time let’s see How to Direct Download AVG AntiVirus Free 18.7.3069 with the help of the below-listed link:

Direct Download AVG AntiVirus Free 18.7.3069

Download AVG AntiVirus Free 18.7.3069 Offline Installer

What are the limitations of the latest version?

  1. This edition is to be used for private, and non-commercial purposes, and only those that usea single computer. It cannot be used for commercial purposes and it can also be not used within the organizations. This is strictly not allowed.
  2. Also, this software cannot be installed on servers that use operating systems and it can also not be used for scanning the network drives.
  3. The latest edition also provides very limited scheduling options to all its users. The user is allowed only one schedule update on a single day or one scheduled scan on a single day.
  4. Various advanced testing options like that of automatic healing, password protection, adjustment of the priority of the scans is not allowed in the latest version.

AVG AntiVirus Free 18.7.3069 Techincal Details

Latest Version AVG AntiVirus Free 18.7.3069
File Name Antivirus_Free_1867.exe
File Size 263MB
License Free
Supported OS Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7
Author AVG Technologies

Alternatives to AVG AntiVirus Free 18.7.3069

  1. Avast 2016
  2. Avast 2017
  3. Norton 360 Premier
  4. Malwarebyte 3.1

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