Direct Download SpaceSniffer

Direct Download SpaceSniffer
Direct Download SpaceSniffer

SpaceSniffer is a freeware tool that helps understand the way folders and files are arranged and structured on disks. Find direct Download link to SpaceSniffer.

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Direct Download SpaceSniffer SpaceSniffer is a freeware with portable tool application that can help you understand the way folders and files are arranged and structured on your disks. You can use a Treemap visualization layout if you want to have an immediate perception of the positions where your big folders and files are located on your devices. This concept of the treemap is a brainchild of Prof. Ben Shneiderman who allowed the use of his concept into this particular tool. All you need to do is to start a scan process so that you can find the overall situation. No matter how big are the folders on your disk just a single click on this application will reveal all the details of a big folder.

Direct Download SpaceSniffer

If you are looking for more and more detailed information regarding your files and disks then you need to keep selecting elements and everything will be revealed to you. If you need a larger view of a small folder then just click on it twice and the file will be displayed to the full extent of the view. This software is mainly a utility tool designed in a way so that users can understand how their disks and files are structured on their hard disks. It enables you to visualize and locate the place where large files and folders are residing. You will be able to locate objects occupying unnecessary space and thus remove them fast to clear your disk space. Let us discuss a bit regarding the utility of this tool and why you need to download and use it at regular intervals.

Direct Download SpaceSniffer

So without wasting any time let’s see How to Direct Download SpaceSniffer with the help of the below-listed links:

Download SpaceSniffer

If the above link doesn’t work then you can also navigate to the Alternative Download Page.

Just press a button and the scan process will resume, once it starts you will be able to visualize all the files and folders stored on your hard disk and locate large items. When willing to see the contents of a specific folder just click that file once. All the details will be listed immediately. When you click a folder twice it is zoomed and all the contents are displayed along with numerous other details. Also, it enables you to filter results according to file type. For example, when willing to know about AVI files, just type AVI into the filter option. Again if you want to exclude AVI files type *avi into the filter field.

Keeping in mind users difficulty to remember the files and folders they have already visited and examined while looking at the entire structure of files in their hard drive this tagging and filter options have been introduced thus by tagging elements you have already viewed you will be able to explore your drive fast and smoothly. Four tagging colors are there, these colors can be used for tagging. For example, if you wish to tag suspicious items tag them with red and other files in green.

Filtering is available by using the colors you used for tagging items. For example, if you wish to display only red items just type red into the filter option. Another user-friendly feature is its ability to filter data. For example, if you are willing to see files that are older than three years just type three years into the filter field and all the files will appear before you.   

Technical Details of SpaceSniffer

Latest Version
File Name
File Size 1.58 MB
License Freeware
Supported OS Windows 10/ Windows 8/ Windows 7
Author Umberto Uderzo

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