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A powerful free 3D modeling tool used by large and small companies.


Donwlonad Blender: For any person it is something logical to follow a path where you get a high quality product and at the same time is free besides being fully customizable to taste, Blender is a great software used by creators of images and 3D animations, where its great operating power and adaptability to any level of hardware is ideal for professionals to novices.


Blender: An Overview

Blender is a license-free development environment with a powerful engine for 3D illustrations or animations. The application allows a complete 3D production from rendering to animation of all types of scenes. Being such a complete system has a high degree of difficulty so it is necessary to devote time to learn its operation and how to apply it to any work you want to do.

if what you are looking for is the advantage in comparison with software of its type, the biggest one lies in the free license danto total power of creation, but at the same time its degree of learning makes it a complex and complete system that not everyone will be able to master, and not in a short period of time, however, the great power and few requirements to the operating system that it demands makes it perfect for those who want to try and make an impeccable work with a very professional tool.

It is necessary to emphasize the great compatibility that has diverse formats, where the great ones of the 3D like autodesk FBX, collada or wavefront will be able to work them without no disadvantage, in the same way it has a great support equipment, offering him every time a greater operativity granting more functions and power to him for the animations in 3D.

Like any 3D modeling software, it will allow users to create objects with geometric or three-dimensional shapes, but where Blender has managed to stand out is in its ability to combine Nurbs or B-Spline through Boolean operations. What has created a great technological advance being able to model skeletons of the models to be able to apply the correct configurations to them step by step, in the same way it allows a complete mapping, effects of sparkles and up to the blurring of movement. It can be said then, that Blender has a graphic engine that is quite strange to find where it includes even a complete mapping, therefore, not only can you develop and animate 3D objects, but take it even further, where you can create a whole universe very complete with what it is possible to create, from short films to entire movies for the cinema.

Concluding, with the great variety of tools that it has and great processing power, you can notice the great disadvantage of the software that is the clear need to learn as if it were a career, it can be so complex that you will need many hours of study to understand its depth and capacity, but it is quite remarkable that for the same reason it is one of the great of the industry that has been used from great films, even by individuals for small concrete works.

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