Download 1Password for Windows

Download 1Password for Windows
Download 1Password for Windows

Program to secure your passwords and to share them with anyone you want.


Download 1Password for Windows: Passwords insure our folders, personal files and personal data. Without a password anyone could access our PC, and they could steal important information from us. But with the use of proper software, this can be avoided.

1Password is a software you can use to save any password you want, and if you forget a specific one, you can just access 1Password to recover it. To know more about this program, keep reading this article. You will find a link to download 1Password for Windows as well as a short tutorial on how to use it.1Password for Windows

1Password: An Overview

A program like 1Password offers different tools for every person. In case of personal privacy, you will be able to save unlimited passwords and files. You can program an option of 365 days to restore every password you deleted as well as a double-authentication to prevent strangers from logging. Meanwhile, if you want to share access with family or friends, you can invite a maximum of five people. With this option, you can share passwords, credit cards numbers, documents, safe notes and many other things.

Additional features allow you to activate alerts on vulnerable passwords and compromised web sites. There is a travel mode and with it, you can delete private data of your devices with just a click. Besides this, you have the chance of protecting your favorite web sites by using the synchronization tool. To activate this feature, all you need to do is to add the sites you want to maintain safe and the password will be saved on the cloud.

But this is not all. The services of 1Password are also aimed at companies, which means every important file will be under extreme security. Thanks to this program, company workers won’t have to deal with data stealing or anything that involves security breaches.  Generally 1Password is easy to use, and within minutes, you can create passwords and save them. The 2020 version includes more options and extents the number of websites you can protect.

It also corrects bugs that caused access to be easier for people on previous versions, so the security will be a lot better.

 Download 1Password for Windows

How to use 1Password?


That’s it. You have reached the end of the article. Just click on the button to download 1Password for Windows and get started. Protect your passwords and recover the ones you lost. If you have difficulties with the link, let us know in the comment section.

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