Download 360 Total Security

Download 360 Total Security
Download 360 Total Security

Real-time protection to keep your documents clean from viruses and to be able to back them up.


Download 360 Total Security: For any type of computer, it is always necessary to have protection against different malwares that can harm the performance, as in the privacy of our information, but when you are looking for a free alternative, 360 Total Security is the best thing you can have at the moment in terms of antivirus protection with great effectiveness that will not harm the performance of your CPU.

360 Total Security

360 Total Security: An Overview

360 total Security is an antivirus that will offer you protection against the vast majority of viruses or malware, as well as different threats that you may encounter when browsing websites. This software is known as one of the best antivirus programs in the free category due to its great power and variety of malicious file detection.
360 Total Security has features that can be done by a software with more than one function, it can be called multipurpose, when we talk about this is because of its ability to make an improvement in the operation of the PC with its performance accelerator, likewise you will have available a space liberator that will serve for better control of the storage of your computer.
Something that should be highlighted is that the antivirus uses a set of 5 engines, which means that it will be able to do a better job in detecting and analyzing, for example, it turns out that there are functions where the software gives you notifications with recommendations on what you can do to solve specific problems, such as it tells you to delete a specific file, with its reason after the analysis, so you can see that the system has a fairly complete attention control.
The engines it has, such as Avira and Bitdefender, are a great added advantage for cases where you need more power, but due to the high consumption of RAM it is better not to use it too much, if you need more powerful protection you should opt for Bitdefender, if in this case you want better performance you should use Avira.
With what we’ve already seen, if you want a software where you feel cared for and protected, you shouldn’t hesitate to use 360 Total Security, something that you don’t normally feel when using any antivirus, and less free.
With its easy interface, which is simple and user-friendly, you won’t need much to know what each function does. Only when you run it will you be able to perform a quick PC check for cleaning.
The entire system makes it quite clear the options available so that you don’t have to look for any information on how it works, in the antivirus section you only have to enter and press a button to perform a quick scan of the computer, with all that is observed there is no doubt that you don’t need to be an expert to have your computer protected, only a system that gives you simple protection and that can help you prevent potential dangers, since the Internet is loaded with them, so much so that we couldn’t even list the amount that currently exists in the world.

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