Download Adobe Flash Player 19 Offline Installers

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Download Adobe Flash Player 19 Offline Installers: Adobe Flash Player is a client runtime that delivers high-quality content to your system and works with almost all the browsers on the market. It has evolved to conquer every operating system, browser, and a portable device including mobile phones and tablets. If you have the Adobe Flash Player runtime installed, you can easily access streaming content of the highest quality and smoothly play HD quality videos right inside your browser’s window.

Download Adobe Flash Player 19 Offline Installers

Download Adobe Flash Player 19 Offline Installers

The newly released Adobe Flash Player 19 which has been codenamed ‘Quint’ now includes security enhancements and bug fixes related to performance, security, stability as well as device compatibility. It comes with all the changes introduced in Beta build but with bug fixes and optimizations that should make Flash Player become less vulnerable and run smoother on your computer.

Adobe Flash Player 19 Features

The improved features of the latest version of Adobe Flash Player are discussed below:

  1. Under Flash Player 19, the introduction of two new APIs for element insertion or removal in Vector and Arrays has been done. This has replaced the splice method with a single element for improved performance.
  2. The new Stage3D error codes aim to provide developers with additional debugging and error information and it has also updated the AS3 documentation for various Stage3D APIs to provide more information about the error reasons.
  3. The improved resolution of the Stage3D content in the browser’s zoom factor (BZF) has given added ability to disable browser zoom factor scaling via HTML
  4. It has extended support for mobile phones with mobile-ready features giving the user unprecedented creative control like multi-touch, accelerometer input etc
  5. Hardware acceleration with H.264 video decoding and stage video with minimal overhead across phones and computers is now available.
  6. It has expanded options for high-quality media delivery with dynamic streaming; content protection as well as improved support for live events, buffer control and peer-assisted networking.
  7. A new concurrency feature has been introduced for iOS in AIR 1 under which each additional worker will be created from a separate SWF
  8. It now allows the developer to load an external SWF file using a Loader via its sample snippet feature.

Bugs Fixed in Adobe Flash Player 19

  1. The value of flash.ui.Multitouch.supportsTouchEvents is no longer compatible with Windows 8.1/10
  2. Video can be paused by clicking outside the browser containing flash in Windows 10
  3. The video can be cropped at the bottom when the hardware acceleration is enabled in OS X and video size height & width are not divisible by 16.
  4. There has been multiple security, stability, and functional fixes
  5. Black Screen can be observed when the second SWF is loaded
  6. UI elements, text, and videos are shown at incorrect sizes when using IE

It still needs to fix the pop-up data from the background screen and also prevent resetting of the flash player’s volume mixer settings. It also needs to improve the performance lag of applications in the library.

Download Adobe Flash Player 19 Offline Installers

Below are the direct Download Adobe Flash Player 19 Offline Installers for Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome:

Download Flash Player 19 For Internet Explorer

Download Flash Player 19 For Google Chrome

Download Flash Player 19 For Mozilla Firefox

How to know the Flash Player version installed?

We can check the version of the Flash Player installed in the specific browser online, this particular page will help us know if the Flash Player is enabled or disabled, just click on the “Check Now” button. If installed Flash Player is a standalone copy then we can check the version from apps and features list.

How to know the Flash Player version installed


If you have a previous version of Adobe Flash Player installed on your system and you turn on the settings of ‘auto-update’ then whenever there is a release of the latest version, your computer will automatically install the new version.

Updating to Latest Version:

It is important to keep your system updated with the latest version of adobe flash player at all times in order to safeguard your system from falling prey to hackers who exploit the security vulnerabilities of outdated versions. This will ensure that your computer is protected from random and vicious attacks by hackers. This is especially important as the previous flash versions were found to be at high-security risk by experts and therefore prone to cyber attacks.

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