Download Advanced Renamer

Download Advanced Renamer
Download Advanced Renamer

A free tool to massively rename different files and folders.


Download Advanced Renamer: It is always good to have a tool that allows the creation of different file names that can be done in a simple and fast way, this is because modifying the name of any type of document can take a long time and become a laborious task if it is in great quantity, that is why Advanced Renamer performs this task in a very short period so you can speed up the work and take more advantage of the time.

Advanced Renamer

Advanced Renamer: An Overview

It is a free application which will allow you to rename several files and folders at the same time, all to speed up the tasks that must be done by adding different name settings so that it can be manipulated in countless ways.
Similarly, it is easy to configure to do any type of work in batches, there are several advanced methods that can be used in a large number of files, in total there are about 14 methods that allow you to change from different attributes names or some time stamp of the different data that are, so you could also change location or copy them based on all the information you have.
In a few words, with Advanced Renamer you have the ability to create any new type of name for the different files you have in your computer, this when adding, deleting or replacing, all depends on the file and what you want to do with this new information you want to add.
Before performing any operation on the different files you have, it is necessary to verify where the output will be and if it is correct, because when the change is made if it is a copy or transfer of location you are not in an incorrect place, so you could undo the operation before it occurs and you can make sure that the configuration is correct.
If necessary and your files contain different GPS data you can change the city and country without any problem, this to a database and apply it to a whole batch of images.
As for MP3 music files or any type of audio file, you can change the different characters that normally contaminate the written name and do not specify what is required in the text.Similarly, you could send different information, in this case to the video files where you could even add the resolution or codec, this through the different video tags that are handled.
It is not surprising that this software is something indispensable in a computer, since it is a very useful and powerful tool depending on what you are going to do.
That’s why although it is not necessary, you should take it into account to perform massive tasks that can be a bit tedious, even more if it is more than the normal amount of files that are handled.
But even so it is not a complicated software to use so any expert and inexperienced user will be able to use it without doing any research this because of the intuitive and easy to use interface.

Download Advanced Renamer

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