Download Affinity Photo for Windows 2020

Download Affinity Photo for Windows 2020
Download Affinity Photo for Windows 2020

Editing software to modify and add filters to pictures.


Download Affinity Photo for Windows: Editing software is very important these days. Many people are looking for a powerful program for them to edit with and Affinity Photo is the perfect choice.

With this software you cannot only edit images, but you can also use tools such as digital painting, 360 edition and unlimited layers. The program presents options to work with smart objects, RAW edition and PSD edition.

If you want to know more about Affinity Edition, in this article we will share an overview of the program. You will also find a link to download Affinity Edition for Windows and a short tutorial on how to use it.

Affinity Photo for Windows

Affinity Photo: An Overview

Affinity Photo is a potent editing software and it is compatible with Nik Collection 2.5 which is a very powerful complement when it comes to photo edition. Besides this, the retouch tools are varied and you can make quick corrections or if you need more time, you can work with deleting tools and frequency split. On the other hand, it has many filters for you to discover, and you can add distortions, perspective correction, and lighting and even adjust the parameters of the smallest detail in your project.It presents the option to take RAW photos which you can edit and also adjust exposition, white balance and edit EXIF information.

Thanks to a layer compatibility that it is unlimited, you can work with an extent library of adjusts and effects. You will gain access to real time fuse modes, vector and text tools and more effects. Another terrific section Affinity Photo offers, it’s the HDR algorithm. This algorithm is capable of creating perfectly natural images and you can use it to correct perspectives, combine directly from RAW and to assign complete tones to every new image you edit. But this is not everything,  you can work on HRD images, renders, textures and 3D software exportations. It has compatibility with EDR monitors and with Radiance HDR.

Overall, Affinity Photos is an excellent editing software. But it is not aimed at those who don’t know anything about graphic design. You must have a certain level of knowledge when it comes to these kinds of programs to be able to use a software this professional.

Download Affinity Photo for Windows

How to use Affinity Photo?


That’s it. You just have to click on the button to download Affinity Photo for Windows to get started. If you have trouble downloading the program, just let us know in the comment section.

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