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Download AllDup

Quick and easy search that looks for duplicate files on the computer for immediate deletion.


Download AllDup: It is assumed that a computer where despite possessing some intelligence, still must be guided by the human hand so you can perform operations in the right way, which is why on more than one occasion may occur that are more than one file with the same content and characteristics, this is where AllDup analyze the system in search of files that are only taking up unnecessary space so delete it and lighten the amount of information stored.


Download AllDup: An Overview

AllDup is a simple and fast way to perform a rather tedious task. You will be able to check with a search the repeated files that only clog the memory of the hard disk that our computer has. This tool works with a powerful search engine that will be in charge of classifying, the type of file, besides being able to establish a great number of search criteria for a better precision, such as the size of the file, the type, the content, or the date of the same one.
It is worth mentioning that no matter how tidy you may be, this type of software is necessary because it will always find any type of file that you didn’t even know could be duplicated, with AllDup you will be able to immediately remove them from detection, no matter their location, if they are in the same or different folders, they could even be in a different drive, in the same way AllDup will find the file to improve the valuable space used in your computer.
Keep in mind that in order to find matches by more intelligent search criteria, you must determine what you consider important for you in your search, a bad adjustment in the configuration, such as the comparison of Byte to Byte may not be done correctly leaving files that are duplicates undetected, that’s why it is important to make sure that what you want to verify is in the search criteria by or that the most recommended option is a general search in the whole computer.
To emphasize how to perform the searches, you should first make a backup in case something goes wrong. Then you should only start by selecting the devices or drives where you want to check the file names for the search.
To continue you just have to press the start search button, the process can take a few minutes depending on the volume of information you will check, and at the end a window will open where you will see all the results. This information will be classified in groups, this way you will be able to visualize who belongs to which data and if they are duplicated, if you think there might be some mistake or you have your doubts about the duplicated file you can preview it without any problem so you don’t make a serious mistake. To delete them when required, just use the right click and select the options that appear, there you can delete it permanently or send it to the trash.

Download AllDup

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