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Download Altium Designer
Download Altium Designer

Great tool for the design of engineering projects, with great application to complex projects of great importance.


Download Altium Designer: For electronic engineers it has always been a challenge to have a tool that facilitates the task of creating different prototypes, which can help them to have efficient plans of a project to make, applications such as Altium Designer facilitates to a great extent what type of design to make, providing a methodical analysis of everything necessary for the construction of the prototype.

Altium Designer

Altium Designer: An Overview

Altium Designer is an application widely used as a development tool in electronics projects, providing engineers or designers a highly customizable application with intuitive features to design new PCBs.
It is built with the highest modern technology that will allow a great workflow, plus a considerable amount of sub-processes or multitasking for a fast execution, working in 64 bits architecture for a better performance and optimization. It represents one of the most productive current tools in terms of design and prototyping of electronic circuits or various electrical devices.
It is a software specialized in the automation of electronic design or for printed circuit boards PCB, promotes access to different design tools in different proportions both 2D and 3D, development matrix gates programmable in the field and endless more applications.
The software comes with several components for access and also the incorporation of different elements as the prototype is built, in addition to a shared use in the cloud for efficient teamwork and different tools for export and import as any type of document editing.
Being a great software package it needs great processing power so it requires at least about 10 GB of storage space in your computer for an efficient and correct operation, which will lead to a clear disadvantage in the installation that can last quite a long time, depending on the performance of your computer.
Once inside the application you will see directly its easy and controllable interface that in addition can be quite customizable in different configurations, giving a simplified view to the users so they can handle it with just a little knowledge but for obvious reasons you should have your degree of knowledge in electronics to be able to take advantage of this type of applications.
If we talk about some of the most important features, basically it is an all in one solution for great designers with modern ideas of PCB or printed circuit boards, you will be able to make different project migrations using the tools incorporated in Altium Designer. Discover different functions and ways of working that you didn’t think possible. Great common drag-and-drop features to move items around without any hindrance. Make great plans in seconds. It’s 100% optimized for 64-bit processors for better performance.
To conclude the software needs a fairly high degree of knowledge although its functions and operation can be quite simple, if you have no knowledge of circuitry or electronic devices you can not do or take advantage of this application so complete with great features and optimized for complex projects.

Download Altium Designer

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