Download Amiti Antivirus 2018 (25.0.210)

Download Amiti Antivirus 2018 (25.0.210)
Download Amiti Antivirus 2018 (25.0.210)

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Download Amiti Antivirus 2018 (25.0.210): This antivirus is a very good way to scan your computer. It protects your system from Trojans and viruses. This is a very simple and free anti-virus programs for Windows. The user will not get a lot of options or settings and at the same time it will offer all the users a number of scans to the files automatically and it also supports the entire database. It also allows all the users to customize the scans as per their specific programs. This is a very user-friendly in nature and is also reliable. This tool was designed in such a way that it protects the data of the user and also secures the computer entirely. Also, the personal information of the user is safe when they use this software. The latest version that has been released can be easily downloaded on Windows 10, 8, 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

Download Amiti Antivirus 2018 (25.0.210)

There are four types of scans that can be performed – one is a quick scan, the other one is the system scan, then there is a full scan and the last one is the custom scan. In the quick scan, it will quickly do some verification of your entire system and will also make sure that everything is fine on your system. It will also make sure that all your important files and safe and sound within the system. In full scan, it verifies each and every file of yours and will surely keep you updated of any infection, if there is any. In the custom scan, it will allow you to scan a particular section of your system and will check if there are any threats or not. All the files that are quarantined can be easily kept in the Cage, which means that the user will be able to either restore the files or he/ she will be able to permanently remove the files that are marked as infection. This happens when the software figures out that there is an infection, as soon as it finds out an infection, it will send all your data to the Cage. This antivirus software has the ability to delete the temporary Internet Explorer files as well and it can also delete temporary files also in the system. It is very easy for all the user to access the settings and also the options menu. In the free version, the user will continue to get free updates. It also gives on- access and resident protection for free to all the users. And this is the reason that a lot of users prefer it over the paid version of the McAfee and Norton.

This software will launch easily automatically on your system tray and whenever you want to access the same, you will be able to do it. It also gives the users the advantage of conducting the scans as per their wish. This can be done because it integrates into the Windows Context menu and this allows the users to perform a number of scans as per their wish. It will always show you the status of your system and you will also get an update on the scan that was completed recently. It will also keep on giving you information about the security system of your computer which means that you will be surely aware of any upcoming threat.

What are the advantages and disadvantage of Amiti Antivirus 2018?

Advantages of Amiti Antivirus 2018

  1. The user is able to schedule the scans as per their wish.
  2. The menus are very well – organized in nature.
  3. The user will get automatic updates.
  4. This antivirus software is very easy to use in nature.
  5. This software gives all the users multiple scan options, making it easy for them to choose from it.

Disadvantages of Amiti Antivirus 2018

  1. There is no inbuilt firewall.
  2. If the user wishes to exclude a specific type of file from the scan, it is not possible to do that.
  3. There are no email and USB scan settings available.

Download Amiti Antivirus 2018 (25.0.210)

So without wasting any time let’s see How to Download Amiti Antivirus 2018 (25.0.210) with the help of the below-listed link:

Download Amiti Antivirus 2018 (25.0.210)

Technical Details Of Amiti Antivirus 2018 (25.0.210)

Latest Version Amiti Antivirus 2018 (25.0.210)
File Name aa-setup.exe
File Size 26.31 MB
License Trial
Supported OS Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7
Author Netgate Technologies

Alternatives to Amiti Antivirus 2018

  1. Avast 2017
  2. AVG 2015
  3. Smadav antivirus
  4. Avira Antivirus

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