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Android emulator that allows you to install and download almost any type of application on our PC with Windows operating system.


Download Andy: There are times when you realize you need more capacity or your Android phone does not support any type of application, that’s why there are emulators like Andy where just by installing it you can simulate the behavior of a smartphone and install any type of application or game you want.

Andy emulator

Andy: An Overview

Andy is a PC program used as an Android simulator where you can use the different applications available for this mobile operating system. Its main function is only to simulate the operation of a smartphone on a computer so you can perform any operation without any inconvenience as if it were your cell phone.
In terms of the characteristics that most represent it there are many things that can be compared with other emulators that exist in the market, however it stands out for small differences. You can use even instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Line, among others. This is not allowed in some applications or emulators, Andy makes it possible so it is a feature that should be noted and highlighted.
In this way you can also convert your phone as if it were a control, obviously for this you must have the smartphone and the application installed on your computer.
Similarly, there has been a lot of focus on gameplay in terms of video game applications. It gives you the ability to link different types of controls as if it were a gamepad, but you could still use the keyboard and mouse and everything depends on the tastes you have.
And as if you were using a high-end phone, you could have open more than one application at the same time where you could view without problem your favorite game and at the same time talk to people you want.
It does not have great requirements at the time of installing can be installed from Windows 7 to the last existing version, but it needs an Intel or AMD dual-core processor and a minimum RAM of 3 gigs all this for proper operation, even so you could try to install it on a computer with less processing power but does not guarantee the proper functioning.
Once you have decided to use this system, installing it will not have any kind of complication, you just have to download the executable and follow the steps which will take you in a few minutes to the initial screen and start configuring it according to your needs.
With everything explained so far you can see the adaptability that has this software is why any type of user both novice and expert could use it without any problem because it is based on its functionality is identical to a smartphone, which currently most users already know and can handle easily, just set some small settings and be ready to download all the applications you want.

Download Andy

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