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Creator of Android Applications that does not require programming knowledge to perform.


Download App Builder: If you are one of those who would like to be able to develop your own Android and Iphone app but do not have great knowledge of programming. For that there is App Builder. With this software you will be able to create Android and Iphone applications in 3 simple steps, this way the most inexperienced computer users will be able to create their best ideas in different apps without any problem.

App Builder

360 App Builder An Overview

App Builder is a system developed for the creation of mobile applications with great speed and without the need for computer knowledge in programming, this with a great speed in simple steps, you can carry out different functions largely customizable according to the needs you set for the type of application you are developing.
Establish automatic sending notifications to customers to maintain constant contact, is important in any system, a good support is the key to the software is developed to its full potential.
Possibility of establishing a navigation that has detailed instructions on how it works, with this they do not need anyone to be able to make and find what they want in the app.
Integration with social networks, so that they can share the application, as well as be able to log in without having to register.
While you are developing you can add that the app is capable of sharing photos and videos, this is more than a means with which you can attract more users.
An analysis of the application and how users use it can be of great help to be aware of how the performance of the application is going, with all this information you can use it to improve it little by little.
Establishing rewards for loyal users is a good way to keep them using our software.
The best way to reach a large audience, is to make a multilingual app where no matter where in the world they download your app, leaving without that barrier that is always present in different apps, only has a specific language which makes it impossible to enjoy all its features and benefits to become loyal customers in it.
Great ease of work for an agile development makes it a perfect app for beginners of mobile development.
You can still name a lot of functions that can be set, as can be how fast and compatible it is in terms of development, or as is the easy way to use it, you only need to enter a name for the app, choose a category or color scheme, add the features that are necessary for the proper functioning and finally publish your application for downloads, with this you can see that the simple and lightweight come hand in hand with App Builder, but equally although you do not need much knowledge, it is not too much to investigate to develop a mobile app with the right conditions and knowledge.


Download App Builder

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