Download Ashampoo ZIP Pro

Download Ashampoo ZIP Pro
Download Ashampoo ZIP Pro

Software to compress files and reduce their size to the minimum


Download Ashampoo ZIP Pro: When you need software capable of compressing a high volume of files at high speed and with processing power, you can take an alternative to the common RAR for file compression. With Ashampoo ZIP Pro you could perform the same tasks with greater efficiency, working faster, and as a better result of higher quality.

Ashampoo ZIP Pro

Ashampoo ZIP Pro: An Overview

Ashampoo ZIP Pro is a dedicated all-in-one software, where you can work with files of almost any format, i.e. It is a complete application with all the options to compress, extract, send and encrypt, giving more power and control over any type of file.
What is the encryption of files and creation is a task that is done in a few seconds has a high compatibility with 32 and 64 bit systems in addition to a built-in file browser with a panel view / where to set different settings for better compatibility with natural zip files ie the origin of any type of compressed file.
This software has a compatibility with ZIP, RAR, ISO and more than 60 popular formats, where you can extract, decrypt, encrypt and use an FPS for the transmission of information and be able to write them to a disc or virtual cloud
It has different functions that have the ability to make it work in a portable way, ie, use it from any external hard drive or USB drive, this does not require any installation and work in optimal conditions.
One outstanding feature of the system is being able to optimize the space of internal devices in the computer that was, regardless of whether hard drives or ssd.
As far as protection is concerned, you will only need to encrypt the files for maximum protection, that is to say, personal documents or PDFs, in order to keep all the data we have in optimal conditions and protect them from intruders.
It has a browser that is compatible with Windows but is not the best option to work, what is recommended is direct access to your cloud where you can be aware of all files that are there in real time, likewise explore what they contain and in the wide variety of formats. It is worth mentioning the ability to create virtual drives where it will be possible to read ISO files for an efficient and fast verification of the content without the need of any other software.
To finish, you can take into account the simple way of working and make the compression and encryption of different files in just seconds, it does not have any kind of difficulty so casual users of Windows operating systems can use it without any program, they will be able to carry out their tasks without having to look for any kind of guide in forums or on the web in general, since the design will allow directly what you want to achieve.


Download Ashampoo ZIP Pro

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