Download Atlantis Word Processor

Download Atlantis Word Processor
Download Atlantis Word Processor

A platform-independent word processor for Windows with great features.


Download Atlantis Word Processor: Rarely do you feel the need to try new things that may ultimately result in unexpected pleasure, as far as word processors are concerned, the best known is undoubtedly Microsoft Word by Windows users, but it is not the only alternative, Atlantis Word Processor is a light and accurate alternative that addresses the task of a word processor.

Atlantis Word Processor

Atlantis Word Processor: An Overview

Atlantis Word Processor is a simple and fast text processor that can be used by computers, it is a good alternative to the popular Microsoft Word, where the speed of loading stands out its easy interface and simple design for a fast and uncomplicated work, structured so that even the most inexperienced can perform their activities without any problem.

As for the most outstanding features that can be named, is the compatibility with any editor so they can open their file types, allows the adjustment of texts regardless of internal elements that may interfere. In the most current versions of Atlantis Word Processor are not the best option for a research document where complex formulas or some embedded object are needed.

On the other hand, the most popular feature of the application is the excess word function to avoid redundancy when writing, this is very useful for writers, besides being able to save the file as an e-book giving important information such as writing time and speed, this makes it an essential tool for creators of written content.

It has a portable and installable version which can be installed on a USB flash drive so you can have your portable word processor. With the Atlantis system different users will be able to use and take advantage of many of the functions and personalized texts that are offered, with different fonts, colors, graphics, tables and a lot of different structures that can serve for a good professional design.

As for the appearance Atlantis Word Processor is structured with a simple design that can be highly customized, so you can adapt it according to the user’s needs, you can also choose a selective installation, where you can choose which elements are already functional and what you want in the version that will be installed on your computer.

With the spell checker you will be able to correct text in different languages, but for that you need to install a plugin that you can find in the same page of the developer, not counting that the system has a document protection system through which you can encrypt the files making that only you are able to read the documents you have in memory.

To conclude, we can’t deny the great versatility of the application, providing a great power that at the same time is light enough to be installed in any computer, a software that is worth trying to obtain its great benefits.


Download Atlantis Word Processor

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