Download Avast 2016 Offline Installers

Download Avast 2016 Offline Installers
Download Avast 2016 Offline Installers

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Download Avast 2016 Offline Installers: Avast Internet Security is a strong security suite that contains numerous tools to protect your system. It includes an antivirus, a firewall, VPN secure line, anti-phishing tool, and smart scan tools.

With the help of Avast Internet Security, we can pick target areas to scan, adjust the parameters of scan modes, allow the scan mode for all file types. You can alter the scan to recognize file types by content, name extension, or user-defined file extension etc.

Download Avast 2016 Offline Installers

Avast 2016 line of products have been released for PC and Mac, it consists of Avast Internet Security 2016, Avast Free Antivirus 2016, and Avast Premier 2016. Now new Avast Mobile Security 2016 is also present on Google Play Store. Therefore Android users can install the newest security system in their mobile sets. So let’s check out this article and see How to Download Avast 2016 Offline Installers.

Avast Antivirus 2016 Features and Improvements

  1. Every product of Avast 2016 consists of password manager which encrypts the passwords saved by users and then saves them on secure Avast servers. It has one special feature that it can scan for leaked passwords and compares them with yours so that you can choose a right password which has not been leaked on the web.
  2. The Home Network Security features scans the passwords of your router and other network devices and confirms that you are not using any default passwords.
  3. They continue to improve the world’s most-trusted antivirus and anti-malware engines to keep you better protected. With security updates the size of a text message, they distribute updates several times within an hour to keep you fully up-to-date.
  4. With Browser Cleanup get rid of any bad add-ons and undesirable toolbars, thus you can restore the settings you like.
  5. Improved WebShield technology let your Avast scan all HTTPS sites for threats and malware.
  6. It provides an all-in-one scan, in one go. You can check your computer’s operating status and can verify that there are no viruses, malware or network threats, and search for outdated software in just one click.
  7. Avast SafeZone is a top feature and is present in Avast Internet Security 2016 and Avast Premier 2016. SafeZone will offer additional layers of protection to banking and payment sites.

Avast Premier Antivirus 2016

Avast Premier 2016 is one of the best protection application that provides a complete protection for your PC which includes antivirus, firewall, browsing protection, as well as cleaning tools. It provides the ultimate security for a computer and its operating system in all terms. Advanced protection is being introduced to keep user well aware against all likely vulnerable connections. With SafeZone Browser you can have safe online shopping, it serves as a defensive shield against potential threats relating, Keylogger pages, phishing, fake logins, and spyware.

Features Of Avast premier antivirus 2016

  1. Intuitive user interface.
  2. Its setup is simple to manage and effective in performance.
  3. Successfully scans network and routers for possible security threats.
  4. Browser plugin to deliver defensive shield against all potentially harmful scripts.
  5. No reboot needed as it quickly scans.
  6. Provides easy manage of passwords.
  7. It includes Software updating feature.

Avast Pro Antivirus 2016

Avast Pro Antivirus is the primary choice of many users. Avast Pro Antivirus has a very simple and basic interface. The interface just comprises a sidebar at the left side of the window and the tab is divided into four sections: Privacy, Protection, Status, and Performance.


  • Does not take up a lot of machine resource.
  • Simple interface.
  • Good design.


  • Installation takes some time.
  • It installs additional software.
  • Pop-ups can be annoying sometimes.

Avast Internet Security 2016

Avast Internet Security is a strong security suite that contains a lot of tools to guard your system. Avast Internet Security contains some new technologies like home security network, scan https, and secure DNS to add to your protection. With Avast Internet Security you can regulate the parameters of scan modes; pick target areas to scan, enable the scan mode for all file types. Or you can customize the scan to identify file types by content, name extension, or user-defined file extension. Avast Internet Security is a great product though it is heavy on resources

Key features include:

  • Ransomware Shield
  • Firewall
  • Real-time threat detection
  • Anti-phishing tool
  • Sandbox
  • Antivirus
  • VPN Secure Line
  • Anti-spam tool
  • Smart Scan
  • Robust protection

Ransomware Shield protects your most valuable files from being changed or modified without your permission. Any application which can’t be trusted if trying to modify or delete any files in these protected folders will be stopped, as would any encryption attempts by ransomware attacks. Yet, to avoid slowing down the system, Ransomware Shield only protects specific, designated folders.

Download Avast 2016 Offline Installers

So without wasting any time let’s see How to Download Avast 2016 Offline Installers with the help of the below-listed links:

Download Avast Free Antivirus 2016 Offline Installer

Download Avast Pro Antivirus 2016 Offline Installer

Download Avast Premier Antivirus 2016 Offline Installer

Download Avast Internet Security 2016 Offline Installer


Alternatives to Avast 2016

  1. Avast 2017
  2. Avast 2018
  3. SmadAV 2018
  4. Avira 2017


That’s it you have finally check out this article; Download Avast 2016 Offline Installers, but if you have any questions then feel free ask them in the comment’s section.

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