Download Avast 2018 Offline Installers

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Download Avast 2018 Offline Installers: Avast is one of the most popular and leading Antivirus software, it is one of the best among the anti-malware application dealers in the world which has about 400 million users. Avast Antivirus gives complete protection form modern days safety issues and threats.  The latest version of the Antivirus has been released and is available for the users to download; with Avast advanced safety measures and services the systems stay secure and protected.

Download Avast 2018 Offline Installers

Avast 2018 is not an individual product; they have various products for protection so it is easy for you to decide form the range of the product. These products fulfill the purposes and needs of a home user, professional, commercial user, and student.

Download Avast 2018 Offline Installers

So without wasting any time let’s see How to Download Avast 2018 Offline Installers with the help of the below-listed links:

Download Avast Free Antivirus 2018

This version is free and is only for personal use. It has basic antivirus protection features. We need to register with a valid email address once a year. It hides a really strong security with a very simple interface. This version is designed with a feature called Ransomware Shield which helps to block unauthorized encryption. It has a multi-layered level of protection and also offers protection for mobile devices.

Download Avast Free Antivirus 2018 Offline Installer

Features of Avast Free Antivirus 2018

  1. In real time it identifies ransomware, virus, and other threats.
  2. Security weakness and intruders in the network are revealed
  3. It keeps the passwords safe in a vault and enters the password with a single click.

Download Avast Antivirus Pro 2018

It has been released recently in 2018 and is a new product from Avast. The pro version has been developed for commercial usage. It is very useful for start-up and online companies which depend on cloud storage facilities. This product has been developed to take care of threats which target could storage, servers, emails, network connections, and online activity.

Download Avast Pro 2018 Offline Installer

Features of Avast Antivirus Pro 2018

  1. It safeguards the business by actively scanning all the emails, URL’s, and files for spyware, ransomware, malware and more.
  2. All the files opened on the system are automatically scanned for malware, without slowing down the system.
  3. The URL of each and every website is checked to make sure that they are reliable to make a connection with the network.
  4. Every incoming and outgoing email is thoroughly checked for malware so that you can confidently open your emails and download the attachments.
  5. Sometimes the virus gets so deep into the running programs; this shield observes those programs for any doubtful activity to stop the attacks.
  6. If an anonymous file is being downloaded to the system, it is sent to Avast Threat Labs to make sure it’s safe.
  7. The files in the shared storage are scanned before you upload them to make sure the malware does compromise your data.
  8. Emails with suspicious attachments and links are scanned and filtered so that the internal communication is not threatened by malware.
  9. It will automatically update the software on the system.
  10. Files which have been deleted are easy to recover, but you have to make user that the files containing confidential information are destroyed forever.
  11. It is a network scanning tool which finds and fixes the weakness that may put you at risk.
  12. The customized Firewall locks all the doors for the unwanted visitors from entering into the network.

Download Avast 2018 Internet Security

Avast has built Internet security which gives powerful, deeper and advanced Internet protection for your system. It comes with Intelligent threat-detection which hides your identity to keep you safe, and an extra layer of anti-ransomware is added to keep the files and photos safe. It controls everything that goes in and comes out of the system.

Download Avast Internet Security 2018 Offline Installer

Features of Avast 2018 Internet Security

  1. It protects photos and personal files from unwanted changes
  2. It keeps your passwords and banking information safe from stealing
  3. We run suspicious software’s in a safe environment with the help of Sandbox.
  4. Stops from stealing your data from the system.
  5. The inbox is kept safe and clean form stopping the junk mails.
  6. In real time it identifies ransomware, virus, and other threats.
  7. Security weakness and intruders in the network are revealed
  8. It keeps the passwords safe in a vault and enters the password with a single click.

Download Avast 2018 Premier

It is the premium product of Avast, which has all the features included in it. Premier gives an advanced range of protection to your system as it an all-rounder with all the best possible features.

Download Avast Premier 2018 Offline Installer

Features of Avast 2018 Premier

  1. It has all the features of Avast Internet security included in it with two extra features:
  2. It stops the hackers from watching you form the webcam.
  3. It helps us delete files in such a way that they cannot be recovered.

Alternatives to Avast 2018

  1. Avast 2017
  2. Avast 2016
  3. Avast Clear
  4. Kaspersky 2017

That’s it you have finally check out this article; Download Avast 2018 Offline Installers, but if you have any questions then feel free ask them in the comment’s section.

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