Download AVG 2015 Offline Installers

Download AVG 2015 Offline Installers
Download AVG 2015 Offline Installers

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Download AVG 2015 Offline Installers: AVG Antivirus Free 2015 is an efficient, easy to use, and fast antivirus, which offers basic protection against spyware, viruses, trojans, and other malicious programs. It is the most used free antivirus products that are used on the Windows platform. Its compatibility and efficiency with the latest Operating System make it famous among all other antiviruses.

This new version supports Windows 8.1 and cloud reputation of files. AVG 2015 suite consists of a few security products that protect your computer from different types of threat. In this article, I will inform you about all the products and will also provide you with their direct download AVG 2015 Offline Installers links so that user can download it without any need of the Internet.

Download AVG 2015 Offline Installers

Download AVG 2015 Offline Installers

So without wasting any time let’s see How to Download AVG 2015 Offline Installers with the help of the below-listed tutorial:

  • AVG Free Antivirus defends your computer from viruses, malware, and Trojans.
  • AVG Anti-Spyware guards your computer against adware, spyware and other malicious software.
  • Programme Component Anti-Rootkit lets you find rootkits hidden in the operating system.
  • Resident Shield works in the background and scans all files that are presently carried out work.
  • E-mail Scanner scans outgoing and incoming e-mail messages.
  • LinkScanner delivers comprehensive protection for browsing and searching the Internet. It will protect your computer from Internet attacks, and you can fix the security of visited sites.
  • Component Identity Protection offers proactive protection against identity theft and security of confidential information.
  • PC Analyzer will identify the problems related to disk errors, junk files, errors fragmentation, registry errors, and broken shortcuts.
  • The automatic updates free antivirus AVG carried out through the Internet or LAN are managed by Update Manager. 

New Features in AVG 2015

AVG AntiVirus 2015 is limited to a redesigned user interface and new Outbreak Detection feature.

  • New Interface – This release emphasized the design so that protecting yourself can become more simple. The interface is perfected to provide you full-featured anti-virus protection in an attractively simple design. Circles provide you an outline of your level of protection, and the color of circles warns you to potential problems. A partial circle reveals that certain protection features are not installed or activated, whereas a full one means that you are fully covered.
  • Outbreak Detection – Normally, when we find a new threat, we build malware definition packages that comprise numerous detection and removal methods, test them internally and finally distribute them to the users. This signified a short window during which you could have potentially been infected with an emerging 0-day threat before the detection methods are up to date on your computer. Outbreak Detection fills that gap. Whenever a 0-day threat is discovered, we instantly upload our earliest detection methods into the back end of our cloud-based threat database. Whenever a user comes across that threat and is in a position to activate it, our behavioral detection kicks in and does a reputation check. If the application is connected to this new threat-it will be blocked and isolated. The moment we know that a threat is there, this new method helps to keep you safe and stop its spread.

AVG Free Antivirus 2015

AVG Free Antivirus 2015 delivers basic protection against the most common spyware, viruses, and threats. It comes with a decent file shredder which will safely delete your files and data such a way that the data can’t be recovered. This free version of AVG Antivirus also has other handy features like LinkScanner which will alert you of malicious links on the web and identity protection etc. You may download AVG Free Antivirus 2015 from the direct download links below:

Download AVG Free Antivirus 2015 Offline Installer (64-bit)

Download AVG Free Antivirus 2015 Offline Installer (32-bit)

AVG Antivirus 2015

This product is the standard antivirus from AVG and contains all the features of the free version of the antivirus as well as some additional features. Additional features consist of the online shield which defends you from malicious files being downloaded from the Internet. It also comes with a data safe features which password protects and encrypts your private files so that no other person can open or copy your files without your approval.

Download AVG Antivirus 2015 Offline Installer (64-bit)

Download AVG Antivirus 2015 Offline Installer (32-bit)

AVG Internet Security 2015

AVG Internet Security 2015 is the most important product of the AVG family with lots of features. The internet security suite provides all the features of AVG Antivirus 2015 as well as some extra features that are needed especially by enterprise-level users. These features contain an Anti-spam module which will help you to prevent from scammers and spammers. AVG Internet Security 2015 also comes with an improved firewall which keeps the hackers and other threats away from your computer. You need to have a license key already purchased or you can install the 30-day trial.

Download AVG Internet Security 2015 Offline Installer (64-bit)

Download AVG Internet Security 2015 Offline Installer (32-bit)

Alternatives to AVG 2015

  1. Avast 2017
  2. AVG 2015
  3. Smadav antivirus
  4. Avira Antivirus

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