Download Bliss OS

Download Bliss OS
Download Bliss OS

Free Android emulator for your PC developed by Team Bliss.. Established as open source and highly customizable for any type of user.


Download Bliss OS: At some point you have probably thought about using some operating system with your PC as if it were an Android phone. That’s why there are different solutions to solve this problem, one of them is Bliss OS. This is an operating system developed for desktop with Android functionality where you can download and use all applications without any problem.

Bliss OS

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It is an operating system developed in open source, based on Android systems optimized for the use and the great variety of current PCs, giving it a new environment and different functions such as touch and adding the mouse for daily use in all activities.
It is built on Android 10 operating system, which can be highly customizable giving users a different experience to the already known systems, where they can also install different applications compatible with Android so that any type of expert and inexperienced user could perform the same functions and use it as desired.
Like the Android itself, Bliss OS focuses on design capabilities and customization that offers the user, allowing unlimited adjustments to the deepest levels of it, providing great support in advanced security features that also have constant updates giving a flexible performance, a friendly and smooth display, plus compatibility with most current platforms, so much so that it can be installed on X86 hardware.
The User Interface is presented in two different ways, in tablet form and desktop with easy to use tools where you can switch from one to the other or combine different aspects of these, giving separate experiences to create a completely customizable that will give you a pleasant visualization and at the same time is known so you will not have any problem in knowing how to use it.
At the beginning of this year 2020 is launched the initial and official stage where the system has a specific weight of 1.5 GB giving compatibility for a system optimized in 32 and 64 bits with detailed documentation, plus a new way of visualizing the desktop of a computer, realizes the different ways it works and the slight overload that provides on the CPU giving a fairly high performance.
It is notorious the performance that can offer this great and new operating system so it would be worth trying it and verify all its features, but we must take into account the different characteristics that it has, to be able to run in 32 and 64 bits computers but must have at least 1 GB of RAM memory to work properly, but this is not an impediment to try and test it in your computer. This more than anything causes curiosity to use it and see what great experiences you could find having it on your desktop PC.

Download Bliss OS

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