Download BlueStacks 2 Rooted Version Free

Download BlueStacks 2 Rooted Version Free
Download BlueStacks 2 Rooted Version Free

The BlueStacks App Player is designed to enable Android applications to run on PCs running Microsoft Windows and Apple's macOS. Download Now

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Download BlueStacks 2 Rooted Version Free:

Many amongst us just prefer to work on a larger screen of a desktop instead of being confined to the inches of a phone. Perhaps this was the need that prompted the creation of an android emulator for PC. Today, users across the world can enjoy their android apps on a bigger screen of their desktops through numerous android emulator software. One of the most popular players in this domain is BlueStacks, often regarded as the best emulator for Android.

Primarily built for Android gaming on PC, the BlueStacks app offers a powerful gaming experience to its users. It claims to be the biggest online platform for mobile gaming with over 140 million users worldwide. But not just gaming, the software extends its services to all users who wish to enjoy HD graphics and media on a bigger display. In essence, BlueStacks is an instrumental tool that empowers you to enjoy your android experience on a much bigger screen without any hassle.

Download BlueStacks 2 Rooted Version

Overview of BlueStacks 2 Rooted Version 

The 2nd version of BlueStacks introduces a few changes to the former edition. One of the standout highlights of this upgraded version is that you can now run multiple applications simultaneously.

In addition to that, the software has been renovated to create an interface as intuitive as the android operating system. With this revamped user interface, you can simulate almost every action that is available on your phone.

There is a toolbar with various buttons to navigate through the whole platform. There is a multi-window feature to enable access to multiple apps at the same time. The rooted version is beneficial for running android apps that are root-specific. In the years following its launch in 2015, users appreciated the platform’s customizable features and compatibility with all the upcoming editions of the Android operating system.

To sum it up, with BlueStacks 2, the makers of BlueStacks have brought a smarter and more advanced version of the app with enhanced efficiency and wider utility for its customers.

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Salient Features of BlueStacks 2 at a glance:

  • Multi-Instance Manager for running more than one app at the same time
  • Customizations for gaming controls and interface
  • HD display and crisp graphic quality for better precision and targeting
  • In-built games and control presets
  • Configuration with many operating systems
  • Minimum resource usage, maximum speed

In this article, we will take a deeper look into the BlueStacks 2 Rooted version software.

Intuitive Game Controls

For every real gamer, playing games on a PC is always more preferred than on a mobile screen. With BlueStacks, you can play all your android mobile games with the ease and comfort of your desktop. BlueStacks offers quality gaming controls for playing on the PC ensuring better precision and quality. All you need to get started is a keyboard and a mouse with many options to customize your gameplay. You can make your customizations and share these controls with your pals. At the same time, you can use control presets in BlueStacks, carefully developed by the company’s gaming team. There are advanced settings control as well for aim, pan, and shoot actions.

Crystal Clear Graphics 

What doubles the fun in any game is sharp graphics. To be able to relish HD image quality in a game is one of the essentials for a gamer. BlueStacks ensures crisper and clearer graphics for all games. Android gaming has never been so fun on mobile as it is on PC with BlueStacks’ quality resolution. It is a boon especially for popular Android games like PUBG and Call of Duty where spotting the enemy can often be a tricky task. BlueStacks gives you a competitive edge by maximizing your picture quality to HD or QHD if your system allows.

Utility Feature Pack

The app is packed with a bunch of utility features to make your experience more flexible and hassle-free. The ‘Disk Cleanup’ tool helps you to maximize your storage for improved efficiency. With the Video Recording tool, you can record all your gaming adventures and flex them in the gaming community on various social media platforms. In the same way, you can take screenshots in between your games to capture an important moment. You can effortlessly change your device profiles to play any games which are not compatible with your current profile. This fulfills one of the technical requirements for several games to enjoy a much smoother playing experience.

No Language Barrier 

Another feature that adds to the app’s utility is real-time translation. Users across the globe can play any game of their choice with the comfort of their local language, courtesy of BlueStacks. At the same time, games created in foreign languages can be translated into English, increasing their popularity among gamers. This feature, however, gives you a translated screenshot of the display and you have to close this image for returning to the game. Hence, it is recommended that you do not use this feature in times of urgent action and combat.

Minimum Resource Consumption 

You can use BlueStacks to play any game from different accounts and use different resources. This is made possible by the Multi-Instance tool. It is a fact that using more than one Multi-Instances can slow down your PC’s speed. But the Farm Mode on BlueStacks ensures that your system utilizes minimum resources and gives the best speed. This way, users can enjoy the multitasking feature in the app flawlessly. It is the optimum feature for games that require background activity while you have the time to work on other activities. Farm Mode enables you to engage in other apps while ensuring that your game runs perfectly in the background without hogging CPU usage.

Do More with Multi-Instance Sync

While the Multi-Instance tool allows you to play one game in many different windows, the Sync feature is to ensure that the modifications in the main instance take place in all other instances. This is to make sure that your progress in a game is replicated in all the other versions of the game you are playing in multiple windows of BlueStacks.

How to Download and Install BlueStacks 2 Rooted Version?

To download this app, you need to fulfill some basic requirements. The operating system must be Windows XP or higher while the processor needed is 1.0 GHz or later. You would also need a 500 MB hard disk space in addition to a minimum of 2 GB RAM.

Download BlueStacks 2 Rooted 

Follow these steps to install the app:

  • Once you run the downloaded setup, it will display a welcome text and ask you for your Install location.
  • It will then show a permission prompt for adding Play Store features and sync. Click yes and move ahead.
  • The installation wizard will finish the process in 3-4 minutes and you would then be all set to go.

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The modern-day gaming world has and is constantly witnessing masterpieces in the form of android mobile games. For every gamer, BlueStacks offers a hassle-free solution to play each of these games in the comfort of their PC screens. Specially designed for PC gaming, the software has today established itself as a trusted choice for gamers across the world. Other than this primary target audience, BlueStacks is a competent android emulating software that allows its users to work on android apps from the ease of their desktop. The root-level access ensures that you can use all the root-based apps easily. With BlueStacks, you can unleash your system’s gaming potential to the core.

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