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Download Brave Browser
Download Brave Browser

It is an open source web browser with a better but gives and privacy for the user.

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Download Brave Browser: In these times we are always in search of a web browser with greater power, speed and privacy, which can provide better support to the user, currently at the top is the well-known Chrome but always appears a good opponent that can give the height in this case Brave Browser, has features that could place it as a good competition the most current browsers and become one of the great in this field.

Brave Browser

Brave Browser: An Overview

Brave Browser It is an open source web browser that could be one of the great advances of the moment, first different features such as blocking ads and increased security and speed of navigation that could be the perfect hook for all current Internet users.
You can start talking about the interface which presents almost no difference compared to its base through which it was developed what is Chrome, so it has a very similar configuration, where nothing more when you install it will provide a small tutorial, where you can make the most common changes or settings, such as setting a browser as default, import all the bookmarks from any other browser, among other functions.
Similarly, a function that can be taken and you should give much attention is that of rewards where it is an integrated system of rewards, so that users can provide some kind of help to the developers of the browser, with this they should only display some type of ad determined as some kind of small affiliate system, so they can notify different failures in exchange for a small amount of real money.
Once you have finished with the initial configuration, you can proceed to the main menu where you can see an overview of what you have, the most visited pages, the different ads that were blocked, as well as the time saved by browsing with the new speed that was obtained.
For a general view, in concrete terms of aesthetics this browser can be said to have one of the best interfaces in terms of the distribution of the configuration, the way in which each of the options is ordered and distributed, makes it have an intuitive view that any type of user can handle in a few seconds.
In spite of everything explained, it can be taken into account that this browser has a very low resource consumption, where compared to Chrome it has a reduced resource usage that can be noticed at first sight just by opening the task manager.
Not surprisingly, with the different functions of native ad blocking it has and the creation of profiles where you can make a completely new one as if you were a new user in the browser and a great attraction that is the private window with tor for deep web browsing (Deep Web) that can be very useful for different users.

Download Brave Browser

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