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Download BWMeter

Powerful app to measure the power of the bandwidth, besides controlling the traffic and an integrated firewall.


Download BWMeter: There are times when you think your internet is either slow or there is some kind of broadband leakage that is being consumed so that would explain the disastrous speed, to be able to verify this you need a monitoring software like BWMeter that will let you verify the power of your broadband, as well as monitor the traffic to and from it, this way you know every aspect of the amount of internet you are consuming.


Download BWMeter: An Overview

BWMeter is an excellent internet bandwidth meter that is intuitive to control and monitor network and web traffic. In this way it will be possible to verify and manage the speed of uploads and downloads for better traffic, it is also possible to predetermine a limit established for the speed in the different connections that are operative at the moment, this in order not to saturate it and make it slow.
The software in general has features for real-time graphics, customized filters for measurements, web traffic statistics, network address control, ports, among others
In this way you can see how much information is moving in your server, also in terms of advanced features where you can program a monitoring for the network interface, which you can set the period in when to do so, if daily, weekly or monthly.
As for the visualization you can set if you want to see it in numbers or graphics, this for a better perspective of the data, if you want to have reports you can import the statistics without any problem in Excel. On the other hand, you can be aware of the hostile traffic caused by infections or malwares, or any other type of threat.
For the same reason and with the known functions, it is to be expected that the application can block access to specific spaces in the network or applications, which it may take as potentially dangerous.
As for the hardware, this is a system that can be used by most low-end computers, was optimized for great functionality with great features and that does not generate any kind of CPU overload, so it is a software that can be used in many commercial and personal areas, from small, medium or large enterprises, to a user in your home to just be aware of the data flow it handles.
To conclude, it is not a software so complicated to handle, there is no need of great knowledge, with a few configurations it will be ready to protect you against any threat, from a computer virus to invaders known as hackers, this because of its great firewall that will avoid the entrance of any unwanted access, that is why trying this system will not be a waste of time, but you will see the immediate benefit where you will have a protection that can save you from different threats.

Download BWMeter


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