Download Calibre for Windows

Download Calibre for Windows
Download Calibre for Windows

Program to organize, download and share books.


Download Calibre for Windows: Many people enjoy reading on their computers. They like combining the old fashioned way of reading, with a more recent one, and to do this, they need a proper program.

Calibre is an organizer and a book manager you can use to create your own personal library without having to worry about losing a file. If you want to download Calibre for Windows, you will find a link in this article, as well as a short tutorial on how to use the program correctly to get the best of it.

Calibre for Windows

Calibre: An overview

With the use of Calibre not only can you create book categories, but you can also convert books to different formats and even arrange them by authors. You can also organize your favorite files by languages, series, publishers, year of release and formats.

This program presents the option to download as many titles as you wish, just like read news and save them on your disk. There is a tool you can utilize to modify certain books, and if you want to share them with family or friends, you can just click on the sharing button to send it.

Another tool you will find on Calibre, allows you to add favorite books on a separate category, for you to find them easier when you feel like reading them again. The 2020 version comes with updates such as:

  1. 3D viewer.
  2. Simple interface.
  3. Capacity to save more books.
  4. Option to send books via email or social media.

All of the upgrades listed above make Calibre one of the best book readers for Windows. You don’t have to worry about not having knowledge with this kind of programs. Calibre is a very easy software to use and you will get the chance to organize your favorite books in a matter of minutes.

Download Calibre for Windows

How to use Calibre?


Now that you have the link to download Calibre for Windows, it is time you watch a tutorial to learn how to use it properly. That is all, just click on the button to download the program and to start organizing all your books.

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