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Tool to control electronic books and keep them organized in one place.


Download Calibre: The book lovers will always have a great collection where you will have a great appreciation, but at the same time, they should be with a good organization that allows them to know each one of the ones they have and in what place, for that caliber will facilitate the work, giving a better vision about that you have so you can choose the next book for the collection without any problem.


Calibre: An Overview

Calibre is a software specialized in book management, giving options for the visualization on screen of the books, besides converting or adapting them according to the device that is reproducing them. With each of the new versions, many new functionalities have appeared, so it is becoming more and more a small control panel for a better management of books and electronic publications.
This system gives you the ability to open a large number of text formats, in addition to being able to display them with an integrated viewer. That is to say, besides being able to organize it is a perfect book reader that can be adapted to any device used, in the same way you will be able to keep a record of the books that you have, this with the purpose of creating lists and being able to carry out different actions.
Using its interface you will be able to copy the Ebooks files to external devices that are already connected, it can be by cable or by wireless means if it is applied in that case. You will also have an intelligent navigation, where you can search by title, author, classification, theme, year, among others.
In the same way, you will be able to be connected directly with the most popular stores, making it very easy to get the book you want, buy it and order it in your list in record time, of course Calibre has a price comparison so you can choose the one that suits you best, it will also give you the information about if it has any kind of copyright.
On the other hand, you can convert the format of the books to the one you want, from epub to HTML, when making conversions the app will copy the obtained version in a folder of your preference, so you will have available all the versions you want of the same book. For those who are active readers you can leave bookmarks, ideal to recover the reading from the point where it was left or to be able to search for something that we consider important in that book.
For its easy operation, does not need any guidance to carry out proper use of the software, just start and you can start using it without any problem, just organize all your files as you see fit, to conclude, this is a software that you can see the benefit only if you are dedicated to constant reading, as I said, is for lovers of books, if you’re not one of those do not suggest you try, but if you are, you should not lose more time to start in a new world accompanied by your favorite books.

Download Calibre

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