Download CCleaner Pro Latest Version

Download CCleaner Pro Latest Version
Download CCleaner Pro Latest Version

CCleaner is a utility used to clean potentially unwanted files and invalid Windows Registry entries from a computer. Download Now


Download CCleaner Pro Latest Version: Over the course of time, our computer tends to slow down. This is due to the accumulation of junk files. A lot of unwanted data in the form of cookies, cache items, invalid shortcuts, history, temporary files, log files, error reports, etc. The only way to get rid of these files to perform a thorough deep cleaning of your drive. To do that manually takes a lot of time and some of these files aren’t even easy to find. The best solution to this problem is using a junk cleaner. In this article, we are going to talk about one of the best junk cleaning apps in the market, CCleaner Pro.

Download CCleaner Pro Latest Version

CCleaner Pro: A Brief Overview

CCleaner Pro is one of the best apps for cleaning your Windows PC. It makes your computer faster and optimizes its performance by removing junk files from your computer. By freeing up space and clearing the memory, it enables your computer to work more efficiently. CCleaner searches your computer for cookies, download history, temporary files, junk files, etc. and removes them automatically. In this way, it also protects your privacy. If you spend a lot of time online, browsing the internet, then this app is definitely the one for you. CCleaner is a free, closed source program and was developed by Piriform Ltd. The Pro version, however, is a paid version and has some additional features like scheduled scanning and cleanup. We are going to discuss the various features of the free and the paid version later in this article. Apart from optimizing your computer, you can also use CCleaner Pro to uninstall various programs and applications. Having already established the good qualities and the need for CCleaner Pro, let us now look at some of its key features.

Salient Features of CCleaner

We will first look into the salient features of the free version, i.e. CCleaner, and then later see what additional features are included in the paid Pro version.

1. Disk Analyzer – This is a very cool and useful feature. It shows you details about what kind of files are taking up space and how much. It allows you to not only clean junk files and temporary files but also unused applications, movies, and games that might be taking up space. With Disk Analyzer you get a clear idea of what files you would like to get rid of.

2. Easy Clean – This is the primary task of CCleaner that is to carry out a cleanup and remove junk files from the computer. You can simply click on the Easy Clean button and CCleaner will do the rest on its own. It will automatically scan your computer for junk files and remove them from your computer.

3. Custom Clean – Another way to clean up your system is by means of Custom Clean. It allows you to select what files you want to delete and what files you want to keep. This gives you more control and makes sure that it does not delete any important file by mistake.

4. Duplicate Finder – This is another useful tool that allows you to find duplicate copies of the same item. It shows a list of files that have multiple instances of it stored on your computer and thus occupying unnecessary space. You can then easily delete them from your computer.

5. Registry Cleaner – Your computer consists of a lot of registry files. These continue to accumulate over time and serve no purpose. It is always a good habit to get rid of these files.

6. Software Updater – CCleaner also comes with this very useful tool that allows you to keep your software updated. It shows the list of various software that has a pending update and you can choose to update them if you want. It is always advisable to keep your software up to date.

7. Uninstaller – Some programs are difficult to uninstall as they are not shown in the list of programs in the Control Panel. Well, CCleaner solves that problem for you. It shows you all the programs that are installed on the computer and allows you to uninstall them at any time.

9. Manage Browser Plugins – CCleaner allows you to manage all your plugins, add-ons, and extensions from different browsers installed on your computer. You can choose to keep or remove them all from one place. This saves a lot of time that would be wasted to manually manage them from different websites.

10. Managing Startup Programs – With the help of CCleaner you can control the startup programs. You can choose to enable or disable these programs that start automatically when the device is switched on. It could be done manually but the interface of CCleaner makes it easier to manage these programs.

11. Drive Wiper – This is a deep cleaning tool from CCleaner. Even after you delete files from the computer, they still remain in a dormant state in some part of your hard disk. They remain there until some new data is overwritten in that space. To completely get rid of these files you need to perform a deep clean and Drive Wiper does that for you. It overwrites some free space in that area and clears the data permanently from your computer.

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Additional Features of CCleaner Pro

1. Scheduled Cleanup – CCleaner Pro comes with the option to schedule cleanups on a regular basis. It allows you to set a time period or a limit to the amount of space consumed by junk files. Post which the app will automatically scan and remove the junk files from your computer. This completely eliminates the need for you to even open the app and delete stuff manually.

2. Smart Cleaning – This is another form of customized cleaning in which you can choose what kinds of files you want to keep and what files you want to delete and how often. You can have separate cleanup preferences for separate kinds of files.

3. Multiple User Support – If there are multiple people using the same computer then you can use CCleaner to clean the junk files for all these users at the same time. You do not need to individually log in to each user’s account and run CCleaner. It can be done from any account if you are using CCleaner Pro.

4. Automatic Updates – CCleaner Pro allows you to choose updates for it to be automatically downloaded and installed on your computer. This saves you the trouble to manually download the update and install it.

5. Priority Customer Support – Just like any other service if you are opting for the premium version or pro version then you are entitled to first priority when it comes to customer support and services. You will also be receiving prior information if any new update or offer rolls out.

How Safe is CCleaner?

CCleaner is a pretty safe software to use. The only potential threat is the unwanted removal of files and disabling programs that were important to you. If you make sure to check properly once before deleting anything, then isn’t any reason to worry at all. However, there has been an instance of Piriform trying to get information about your system and the programs installed on it. This was an invasion of privacy and was done for targeted advertisements. When this was discovered, Piriform removed that particular section of code, and CCleaner has had a clean record ever since.

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How to Download CCleaner Pro?

 As mentioned earlier, CCleaner Pro is a paid app and you need to get a subscription to use it. Use the links given below to either download the free version app of CCleaner or download the Pro version and start a 14-day trial. You will have to get a subscription after the trial period is over.

Download CCleaner Pro for Windows

Download CCleaner Pro (Alternative Link)

Download CCleaner for Windows

Download trial version for CCleaner Pro for Windows

CCleaner Professional License Key


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