Download Cisco Packet Tracer

Download Cisco Packet Tracer
Download Cisco Packet Tracer

Network simulation tool created by Cisco to create simple and complex projects.


Download Cisco Packet Tracer: For those involved in the construction of computer networks or different related projects, there are great applications that can facilitate the development of large scale prototypes. Cisco Packet Tracer is a software dedicated to the virtual creation of communication networks and simulate their operation at 100%, with a great processing power that has been very popular today.

Cisco Packet Tracer

Cisco Packet Tracer: An Overview

Cisco Packet Tracer is a tool used to design networks or the simulation of their behavior, being a free application that can be downloaded from its official website offers great possibilities in terms of building prototypes.
This software can be used by a large number of users at any level, such as teachers, professionals or even simple students, all with a specific objective which is to perform tests that are safe on different circuits such as networks, internet, cyber security, among others.
It provides a simple and intuitive interface that will give a great ease of construction when adding the different elements that will be used in the simulated environment, giving the possibility to connect them and make other configurations, all at a really high level of accuracy.
The functionality can change depending on the version and operating system where you want to run the software, as Cisco Packet Tracer is available for all operating systems from mobile to desktop, to install it is only necessary to go to the official page from which you can complete the introduction to the course and register, then you will be able to download it.
With the installation you will have to log in for the first time, as well as accept the permissions for the firewall, thus starting everything you can do with this powerful tool, so you can start building your first network from scratch or start with some great project.
The system is so complete that if required, you will be able to configure your own network topology, as well as change any type of configuration as if it were a real one, so you can perform different tests so you should not modify the actual execution environment.
If we talk specifically about the interface, we can name specific areas to know a little bit about the way of working before starting:
You have the main menu, where you can create, view or make different configurations.
With the classic functions for any document editor, you need the options to open, save, or perform different actions directly in the files.
You will also have the Button Toolbar, which contains the different devices used to operate each of the connections or networks in general, without it the application would be useless.
Finally the work area where the design of the prototype that will serve as a simulator.
With all the options that can be chosen and the great possibility it offers, it is not surprising the great popularity it has gained over the years making it a very important simulator software today.

Download Cisco Packet Tracer

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