Cool Edit Pro Download (Free for Windows with Serial)

Cool Edit Pro Download (Free for Windows with Serial)
Cool Edit Pro Download (Free for Windows with Serial)

Follow this guide to Download Cool Edit Pro for free. It is a simple audio editor that allows you to make important modifications to your files.

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I’ll show you how to download and install Cool Edit Pro in this post.

Cool edit pro is an application for editing digital audio, whether it’s individual samples or many tracks running at the same time.

It is a robust audio editor that allows you to make important modifications to your files.

Cut and paste audios, adjust volume, add effects like reverb, fix sounds and blows, and more are all possible with Cool Edit Pro.

Single Track Audio Editing (Mono or Stereo) and Multitrack Editing are the two editing styles available.

Many music and audio editors utilize this simple but vital tool for their projects.

If you like to edit music, or if you want to record your voice and edit it to your satisfaction, this program is for you.

So here is your program; Cool Edit Pro is simple to set up and does not place a high demand on your computer’s resources.

What is Cool edit pro?

In this review, we’ll look at some of the benefits of Cool Edit Pro and how it can help you. The first major benefit of Cool Edit Pro is its noise reduction feature. This is an advanced tool that can remove background music from audio clips. This tool is very complicated, but the interface is simple to use. To apply this effect, navigate to the folder where you want to store the audio clip, select “Open,” and then select the sound effect you want to add.

Another benefit of Cool Edit Pro is its ability to produce professional-grade videos in just minutes. It comes with a variety of transitions and effects, built-in music player, powerful search engine, and voice recorder. You can add music to your videos to create powerful soundtracks, as well as time-lapse and slow-motion video recording. It’s even easy to create a playlist from your songs. With the extensive number of features, it’s hard to find a better choice for a digital audio editor.

While many people are confused about the program’s functions, the software is actually a digital audio recorder, editor, and mixer. It’s a lightweight program that’s a great choice for beginners and professionals alike. You can download Cool Edit Pro for free from the Windows Store and begin using it right away. The features of this application go far beyond the capabilities of other similar apps. You can even download it to try it out and make a decision on whether it’s right for you.

Cool Edit Pro was developed by Syntrillium Software. Adobe Systems Incorporated acquired the company and rebranded the product as Adobe Audition. Its main function is to produce audio content by restoring, mixing, and mastering audio. The software is compatible with both Windows XP SP3 and Windows 7 with SP1 and Mac OS X 10.6.8. As of 2018, the program supports the latest versions of Adobe’s Creative Suite 5.5 and CS6. Besides that, it also offers automatic speech alignment, control surface support, and real-time clip stretching.

For audio editing, Cool Edit Pro is a useful program. It enables you to record and edit audio samples and create tracks. Its graphical user interface is intuitive and easy to use. You can also import your own music from other sources. With its audio mixer, you can adjust the volume, pitch, and other parameters of your tracks. If you’re a novice, you might have trouble getting started. It’s a great option for creating music.

In addition to its audio editing capabilities, Cool Edit Pro also allows you to edit pictures and videos. The program helps you create videos and audio files with ease and improves their quality. It can convert video files to various formats, add effects, and cut parts of videos. In addition, you can export video files in a variety of file formats. The software is available in student and business editions. The student edition is $49. The business version is $999.

Features of Cool Edit Pro:

  • More than 25 audio file types are supported, including popular ones like MP3 and WAV.
  • This program can handle up to 2GB of audio files.
  • Cool Edit Pro can record and save music from media such as cassettes or old discs, in addition to sound editing.
  • Multiple tracks can be edited at the same time.
  • A straightforward design interface that is both easy to use and professional in appearance.
  • Visual effects and other optional elements are accessible throughout the installation process.
  • Basic and advanced functionality such as music mixing and processing are included.


Cool Edit Pro ceased to exist in 2003 when the firm that held it, Syntrillium Software, was purchased, and Cool Edit Pro was renamed Adobe Audition.

With our download, you’ll obtain the version of the program that was available before it was purchased by Adobe.


Step-by-step installation


Step 1: Download Cool Edit Pro free.

Download Cool Edit Pro (36,4 MB)


Step 2: Unzip the file by right clicking on it. A good program to do this is Winrar. 


Step 3: – Cool Edit Pro 2.0 or 2.1 must be installed. I recommend utilizing version 2.0 because it provides nearly identical functionality to version 2.1.


audio editor file folder


cepsetup 1

Step 4: During the software installation, simply click next.

license agreement cool edit pro


welcome cep


Step 5: Wait for the download to complete

download finish

Step 6: Once the program is downloaded, the following window will open and you will have to wait for the countdown to be able to click on “Keep Evaluating” 

evaluating audio digital

Step 7 -If you get the following error just click OK


error program


Step 8We close the program and return to the folder where we have our download files. 


Step 9 – Now open “CEP2REG”

cep2reg file

Step 10Accept the terms and click to continue


Step 11 In the next window you must add the username and password included in the “Serial” text document that we have downloaded. Then “Continue”.


serial cool edit pro free


Step 12Click on “EXIT” to finish. 


Step 13If you keep getting an error, install Cool Edit Pro 2.1 and DONE!


Step 14 – Enjoy!

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