Download CorelDraw Graphics Suite X7

Download CorelDraw Graphics Suite X7
Download CorelDraw Graphics Suite X7

This version of CorelDRAW fully embraced the digital age, providing access to community-generated and premium cloud-based content. Download Now

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Download CorelDraw Graphics Suite X7: CorelDraw, a household name in the graphics domain, has been around for over three decades. Produced by Corel Corporation as a vector editor suite, this software has been in business for this long owing to its quality services. Its primary userbase includes but is not limited to graphic designers and marketers across the globe. The software product offers a comprehensive package of applications for creating high-quality designs with an effortless experience. This article throws light on one of CorelDraw’s popular versions, the Graphics Suite X7.

Launched in the year 2014, CorelDraw Graphics Suite X7 is an intuitive graphic designing software equipped with several enhancements to impress its users. This productivity package is shaped to meet any and every modern need, from drawing graphics and photo editing to creating websites and layouts. With this powerful designing solution, users can give wings to their imagination and mold their creativity into reality. It comes loaded with a wealth of advanced features and resources and an interactive interface to make it an overall flexible workspace.

Download CorelDraw Graphics Suite X7

Download CorelDraw Graphics Suite X7

What Applications does CorelDraw Graphics Suite X7 Offer?

As an all-encompassing productivity suite, the software includes an array of applications to enhance your work. On top of that, it offers various integrated supporting applications as well for multiplied efficiency. Some of its applications are detailed here:

  1. CorelDRAW® X7 – The primary component is this graphics platform that allows you to create innovative vector illustrations alongside page layout designs.
  2. Corel® PowerTRACE™ X7 – With this utility device, users can convert any bitmaps into illustrations and vectors without any hassle.
  3. Corel® PHOTO-PAINT™ X7 – As the name suggests, this platform aims at enhancing and editing images with a high-quality outcome.
  4. Corel® Website Creator™ – The suite offers this efficient platform for building a website from scratch using a host of resources.
  5. Corel® CONNECT™ X7 – Users can access all of their content saved on the suite with the help of this browser.
  6. Corel CAPTURE™ X7 – This app allows users to take screenshots on their devices and make edits as per their choice.

In addition to these primary applications, some supporting applications in CorelDraw Graphics Suite X7 are listed below:

  1. Bitstream Font Navigator: Exploring fonts has never been more fun. This interesting feature allows users to not only search through a variety of fonts but also preview and install as many as they like.
  2. PhotoZoom Pro 3: This is a supplementary plug-in for the PHOTO-PAINT app with the help of which, users can export photos to the app, edit and enlarge them.
  3. Barcode Wizard: Loaded with a range of industry standards, this app helps users in generating an apt barcode for any URL or event or email.
  4. WhatTheFont: Another font-oriented plug-in, this is an integrated feature in the CorelDraw app.
  5. ConceptShare: Seeking to promote the spirit of collaboration, this platform enables users to share and discuss their ideas with the community.

While these apps and plug-ins ensure a thoroughly productive experience for their users, the software leaves no stone unturned to impress the users. It offers as many as 75 interactive text frames and PowerClip frames along with 10,000 clipart images in its content base. There is an endless domain to explore and enjoy at CorelDraw X7.

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Major Enhancements in CorelDraw Graphics Suite X7  

The X7 version comes with a revamped Welcome Screen which empowers the users to navigate freely through the vast collection of resources available on the platform. Some of the major sections visible on this screen include the Workspace selection, a ‘What’s New’ section displaying the latest uploads, and users’ gallery. In addition to the renewed welcome look, the platform introduces several workspaces to suit the needs of every user. These workspaces are designed to help users get a hold over the resources and features of the suite in a smooth and easy fashion. Primarily, there are three workspaces available – Page Layout, Default, Illustration, Classic for the accustomed users, and Lite for newbies. Users can select any of these workspaces from the Welcome page itself.

The Font Embedding feature adds an element of stability to the CorelDraw documents. The recipients can view the work exactly as designed and printing will require no more adjustments with the fonts embedded into the document. In terms of functionality, the Customize toolbox feature adds to the users’ flexibility. With this feature, users can renovate the toolbox, menus, and docker space as per their requirements. Another key resource on the platform is the Align and Distribute docker. It helps users achieve maximum precision while placing different objects without much hassle. Furthermore, the advanced QR code designing options are particularly useful for advertising and packaging. This is a unique feature that has impressed many critics. Users have many options to make their codes as creative as they can. The Smooth tool and Alignment Guides are also useful in adding more meticulousness to the work.

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How does Content Exchange work on CorelDraw Graphics Suite X7?

One of the primary features of the suite is the Coral Connect platform. This platform allows users to interact with Corel’s worldwide community and share their works with millions of users. It works as an online repository that stores every individual’s work on the cloud, giving easy access from anywhere at any time. It is integrated with all the other applications in the suite. Here, users also have the facility to vote for the content they view and sort their content feed based on these votes. The ‘Favourites’ tab stores all the works that you would like to access in the future. In essence, with Corel Connect, the software has transformed its userbase into a well-connected family.

Features that make Suite X7 a Users’ Favourite

Over the years, CorelDraw has added many new resources to its applications to upgrade its functionality and utility value for its users. With the X7 version, certain tools have not only increased the platform’s efficiency but also impressed users worldwide.

Interactive Frames: allows you to create your artwork and preview the layouts before finalizing everything. Users have a range of options for adding content by either replacing the existing objects or adding alongside them. The alignment tools make it easier to accurately fit the objects into these frames.

Colour Harmonies: helps you make more iterative designs by grouping the document’s colors into harmonies. Users can modify these sets or use the same ones. There is a gradient option as well to merge the colors and create varying tints.

Smart Carver: removes the unwanted parts in an image and adjusts the ratio settings. With the Object Removal brush, users can select which areas to keep and remove in a photo. This tool lets you adjust the ratio of the image without any distortions.

Search Capability: toolbar for quick and easy access to the vast resources available on the Corel platform and other photo repositories like Flickr, iStockphoto, and others.

Fill tools: add more accuracy and detail to your work. The Interactive Fill Tool is for adding patterns, textures, and shapes while the Smart Fill Tool is for filling any object with accuracy. The Mesh Fill tool adds a unique mesh effect and color transitions to the shapes.

Colour Proof Settings docker: lets you create presets for viewing in different devices and exporting to the client. It creates both soft proofs and hard proofs.

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How to Download CorelDraw Graphics Suite X7?

To be able to download and properly install the software, you should have the following in your system:

  • The operating system should be Windows 7 or higher supplemented with all latest updates
  • The processor should be Intel Core i3 or higher
  • Minimum RAM requirement is 2-4 GB
  • At least 1 GB hard disk space is needed
  • Monitor resolution should be 1280×768 or higher

You can download the software as per your system specifications from the following links:

Download CorelDraw Graphics Suite X7 (64bit)

Download CorelDraw Graphics Suite X7 (32bit)

CorelDraw is an old player in the game. Its software upgrades have served the users well enough to create a global customer base. CorelDraw Graphics Suite X7, in particular, presents many new appealing features to the designers of the day. With its family of applications and added plug-ins, it has poised itself as a great substitute to the Adobe Illustrator. The tabbed view of the X7 interface allows you to work simultaneously on multiple assignments and arrange them as per your requirements. The software has created tailor-made profiles for its customers to fulfill every need. The profile for professionals comes with a lot more features and content options than that for the occasional designers. Either way, it addresses the demands of all kinds of users through these customer profiles. Another plus point for this product is that it comes without any subscription requirements. Its versatile applications are sure to maximize your creative instincts and boost your confidence. Laden with resources to make your designing experience more proficient, CorelDraw Graphic Suite X7 is worth your time.

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