Download CyberLink AudioDirector

Download CyberLink AudioDirector
Download CyberLink AudioDirector

Complete audio editor with great engine for great customization and audio quality.


Download CyberLink AudioDirector: Good quality audio is fundamental to establish a good communication through any kind of video or movie, CyberLink AudioDirector is a software with advanced tools for manipulating audio in high quality where you can make any kind of arrangements to the tracks with professional results with a great workflow and easy handling of the information.

CyberLink AudioDirector

CyberLink AudioDirector: An Overview

With Cyberlink Audiodirector you will have total control over the editing, mixing and modification of soundtracks, to apply sound effects to any type of audio and facilitating the total manipulation of each of the sound characteristics you have at your disposal.
With this personal audio station you will be able to do any kind of work as professional as possible, this due to the great mastering tools and effects it has, making it a complete tool for editing, mixing and restoring sounds at high quality.
With the powerful editing engine it has, you will be able to create a great amount of audios and manipulate them no matter where you are, no matter how they are recorded, even if the environment is not the most suitable one. You can remove different effects caused by the open air, such as wind gusts or some kind of echo, that is, an intelligent manipulation for a clearer and better quality audio.
By having an artificial intelligence, the system can pass your voice through different filters and professional tones, plus the ability to create their own and instantly fix any problems in the notes or tones that do not reach perfection.
if what you want is an instrumental, but you don’t have the capacity to create one you can use the tracks of your favorite songs, where you will only have to extract the vocal musicality and leave the instrumental necessary to be able to carry out your composition.
As for the mastering of mixes to get the best out of any composition or track by adding and adjusting multiple effects as required where you can look and add at the same time with the preview to visualize the clips you want to apply to them and that match perfectly with the added sounds.
CyberLink AudioDirector has a multitasking functionality where it is possible to record from multiple audio channels at the same time, this way you can apply different effects to more than one track at the same time to speed up the work and combine it with a great quality
In general terms CyberLink AudioDirector has a functionality for users of any kind, that is, those who do not have much knowledge in manipulating complicated software, so the simple interface will make your work much easier. Similarly, they will need some knowledge to be able to manipulate and make the corresponding edits, this is because manipulating audio can be a very complicated task if you do not have the notion of what is required according to the different projects and the amount of requirements that are needed.


Download CyberLink AudioDirector

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