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Daemons Tool Lite

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What is Daemon Tools

Download Daemon Tools free, a software that creates virtual drives of both CD and DVD within the hard drive, so that our PC can emulate these drives as physical CDs or DVDs.

This is the short explanation, however it does have a number of CD and DVD emulation tools.

As a result, we have a pretty complete computer software.

Daemon Tools free download

Download Daemon Tools Lite 10 WINDOWS

What is it for

We can think of Daemon Tools as a collection of utilities and tools that come with the software and allow us to execute any disk virtualization task. 

Following that, we’ll go over its features:

  • Ability to create virtual drives and mount disk images in any image format, including ISO, MDS, CUE, and so on, in order to simulate a physical CD or DVD on our hard drive.
  • In the event that we have multiple picture files on our computer, we can create up to four virtual images at once 
  • Ability to produce our own images, which is useful for generating backup copies of our files or sharing information with others, for example. We can also produce pictures using real CD or DVD drives.
  • Image organizer, which allows us to gather all of the disk images on our computer in order to handle and organize them.
  • Being able to record discs is important, and while most modern PCs lack an optical reader, older PCs still need to record on CD or DVD, therefore the Disc Soft company hasn’t forgotten about them.
  • Create VHD files, TrueCrypt containers or RAM disks, useful options if we want to have a separate computer within Windows.
  • Create a bootable USB, to be able to make USB drives self-executable.

This collection of tools began as yet another disk emulation application, but over time, and for the past 15 years, it has evolved into a Swiss army knife, though with disk emulation as the primary function.

In short, this is your emulation tool for those computers where there are fewer and fewer physical readers.

Is Daemon Tools Safe

During the installation some antivirus could detect a threat, at the moment they ask you if you want to install “WhenU”.

However, this is not spyware, just adware that allows Daemon Tools Lite to display adverts in order for the developers to make money without you having to pay for the Pro version.

How to mount an ISO file

When you insert a disc into your computer’s optical drive, Windows mounts it automatically.

You must establish a virtual device and mount the ISO image on it if you wish to use an ISO image.

Daemon Tools Lite generates a virtual device for you during installation.

  1. After downloading and installing Daemon Tools Lite, run the program.
  2. In the main window, click the Image Editor icon (which looks like a pencil).
  3. Choose Create Disc Image from the drop-down menu and select the device on which the optical disc is loaded.
  4. Choose a name for the image file as well as a destination path. Make sure that the file extension is .iso.
  5. Click start. As a result, the tool will begin to produce your ISO image.
  6. Right-click one of the virtual drives shown in the lower pane of the main window in the main window. From the context menu, select Mount.
  7. Choose the ISO image you want to mount.
  8. In Windows, the selected ISO image will appear as a virtual drive in a virtual device. You can interact with the ISO image in the same way that you would with a device loaded with an optical disc.

How to download and install Daemon Tools 

To get Daemon Tools Lite, look for the version you need in this post and download the installer.

During the installation process, Daemon Tools Lite, like almost all free ISO image programs, will ask if you want to install other software; pay attention and you can simply avoid the extra software.p

Of course, the Lite is the free version; it also has a paid version. 

Daemon Tools Ultra is currently the most complete version.

  1. Click “Install” when the wizard has downloaded the installation files.
  2. At all times, we choose the free license option.
  3. We will be shown advertisements to install further software. Uncheck the box next to the applicable license terms to prevent them from being installed.
  4. During the installation we will be informed that a driver will be installed to create the virtual disk drives. We simply give it to install.

Daemon Tools Free Download

First and first, you should be aware that there are numerous versions of this software, each of which adapts to different situations, so depending on your specific requirements, one or the other will be preferable.

Of course, you should be aware that the Daemon Tools Lite edition is the only one that is absolutely free and provides the most basic functionality for mounting disk images. The rest is paid and ranges from 30 to 50 euros.

Daemon Tools Lite for Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7


Daemon Tools Lite for Mac


Other Versions

Daemon Tools Pro 8


Daemon Tools Ultra 6


Daemon Tools Lite 4.49.1



Three software alternatives to Daemon Tools

  • ISODISK: One of the greatest free Daemon Tools alternatives. It allows you to save up to 20 different drivers in the same format as CDs, DVDs, and other hardware options for storing virtual disk images. This free version is a powerful tool for mounting ISO disk images and creating ISO files from CD/DVD-ROMs.
  • WinCDemu: This tool has a minimalist design compared to more complex Daemon tools that make the user operation as smooth as butter. The software has its own dive chart policy, which you’ll see when you first start it up, along with your language selection and required administrator access (UAC). Although WinCDEmu does not provide many format options for its users, it does support all of the most common image file types, including ISO, CUE, NRG, MDS, BIN, CCD, and IMG, making it very popular and straightforward to use.
  • Virtual CloneDriver: You can easily access all of the data saved in this Daemon Tools replacement with just one click, and it can mount not only photos, but also video, audio, and other data formats, making it an excellent choice for users. It can support up to fifteen virtual disks at the same time.
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