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Download Disk Drill
Download Disk Drill

Data recovery software for data deleted by mistake or system errors.


Download Disk Drill: It is common that different failures occur in the computer where there may be loss of information or even accidental disposal, that is why there are applications that allow the recovery of information through small residues that remain of each of their data where they will only read, analyze and expose so you can choose what you want to recover, in this case we talk about Disk Drill a simple application to recover deleted information.

Disk Drill

Disk Drill: An Overview

It is a fast and efficient retriever of any type of file deleted in Windows including different documents, messages or multimedia files. It also serves to recover files deleted from any type of device connected to the USB as a memory or pendrive in addition to any type of internal hard drive, all in a few seconds with a couple of clicks.
Similarly, you can recover any type of information if it was accidentally deleted not necessarily through a system error. With its great intuitive and easy to use interface you will have different features that will give you a great advantage in terms of recovery.
If you want you can make a data protection to avoid any kind of failure when recovering; besides this you will be able to make different backups of any connected device without any problem; on the other hand you could make a preview of the files you are trying to recover to know which ones you want to have access to.
Using this system does not require great knowledge, any type of user with small notions will be able to use it without any problem. It is designed to be used in concrete and fast steps that do not take you a lot of time in the recovery of the files, the first thing that you must do is download the application and install it to begin the execution of the same one.
To continue you will only need to choose the location and method you need to recover the files, you will be shown a list of all the connected devices where you will have to choose which one to scan for the information, the default method is the most used for data recovery, but if you want you can perform different searches with criteria on partitions or a deeper scan which may yield more specific and concrete results finding the data or set of data you are looking for.
To continue with the process you only have to click on the search for lost data button and the scanning algorithm will start with the review of all the information on the disk, the time to review will depend on the space and types of data stored there.
To finish you only need to check which are the files and what you want to recover obviously using the advanced settings you can make sure or make a filter search where you will have the possibility to search in a more intelligent way the files you want to recover. With all this explained, you can see how useful this application is and why you should have it installed in your computer.

Download Disk Drill

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