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Download Eclipse
Download Eclipse

Text editor software for different platforms, which supports a large number of programming languages


Download Eclipse: There are several platforms that support a large number of languages and work for the programming of a wide variety of projects, in this case we will talk about eclipse a free software platform with an integrated development environment, used mostly for creating applications in java but what with different plugins or extensions will achieve programming any language.


Eclipse: An Overview

Eclipse is a platform that has been created in order to have extensions that give it a long life and perform a multitude of functions beyond the established limits, which is why it has been created as free software. Today, it works with great popularity for Java developers using a JDK plugin that comes in the standard distribution version.It contains a great number of functions and features that allow a better handling and display of the configurations, in terms of code and visualization of the different projects that are made.
If we take into account the project management, it is carried out with the manipulation of the set of resources that are related to each other, this will depend a lot on the application that is being developed, but normally the code documentation, the directory tree and the different views that are provided through the code editor are handled determining the default settings.
With a powerful simple code debugger, that in addition is intuitive, visually it helps to improve the structure of the code documentation, for it is only necessary to initiate the application with the debugging mode, and thus you will enter the new view with the debugged perspective, where all the ordered information is shown and you will be able to make this task.
Over the years it has been noted a slow progress that has had Eclipse, have developed a lot of plugins, they give a great possibility to what you can develop in this application, mostly there is a free collection but also there are the payments that would be a matter of testing them to see if they can be useful for any function.
For the correct installation of eclipse you only need a Java Development Kit or JDK called Java Development Kit and when you download it you only need a decent computer with which to install the eclipse IDE with only 2GB of RAM and would be more than enough to use it on any computer, as well as Intel processor and any type of Windows architecture of 32 or 64 Bits.
To conclude, we can notice the great importance of this application developer that nowadays, its biggest audience is mostly users for java programming where it is quite used, however, we must take into account that you must make different configurations to be able to use it with object oriented programming environment, so you need a little knowledge besides the basic one to make a correct configuration and take advantage of it as much as possible.

Download Eclipse

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