Download Electron (64-bit)

Download Electron (64-bit)
Download Electron (64-bit)

Framework for creating different applications with native technologies in JavaScript, HTML and CSS.


Download Electron (64-bit): Currently there is a wide variety of applications or frameworks that work to streamline the tasks in web development, in this case electron allows the creation of different applications with JavaScript web technologies, adjusting to the HTML and CSS of the application you are doing and the characteristics it has.

Electron (64-bit)2

Electron (64-bit): An Overview

Electron.js or also known as Electron is a platform created and maintained by GitHub, it works for the creation of desktop applications with native web technology such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript
To start using this application, it is only necessary to have some kind of terminal commonly used Node.js through which, you must enter the different commands that will allow the installation of the Electron dependency, this way you can start any kind of project with the software we just installed
In conclusion, Electron is nothing more than a macro that allows the creation of applications that can be executed on the desktop or in native web technology such as JavaScript, HTML and CSS. The idea is that it takes care of the hard part with the most complicated development and the user takes care of the instructions that must be served in order for it to run and work properly
Electron, being an open source application that has different distributions, which can be applied to existing operating systems, whether MacOS, Windows or Linux, will be able to run the applications on any of these platforms. Having this multiplatform element already provides a great advantage over other desktop applications that can be created with different development environments.
Similarly, a suitable code editor is necessary to be able to develop correctly in JavaScript, which is why, despite being an uncommon framework, you will be able to use it for a great compatibility with different operating systems, which makes it ideal for business applications that need a great support at desktop and web level.
Currently there are a large number of applications that work in the same way as electron but do not reach even close to the functionality that it has, because they offer different packages so you can edit the software or application without any problem, but with a very low or almost no compatibility with different operating systems, giving a great advantage to electron over any other type of application in its class, in addition to the versatility and performance it offers in creating different desktop or Web applications.
To conclude the great popularity and performance offered by Electron is to be noted, since it is one of the applications with a wide variety of modules for FrontEnd and BackEnd that will help in the fast development of applications in desktop or web browser environment.

Download Electron (64-bit)

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