Download Evaer Video Recorder

Download Evaer Video Recorder
Download Evaer Video Recorder

Fairly simple program for recording conversations by Skype audio video in general.


Download Evaer Video Recorder: Sometimes when you make some kind of conference or online class, you need the recording of what they are doing, in order to verify and remember everything you saw or spoke in that video, that’s why there are applications like Evaer Video Recorder that works to record everything that happens with audio and video in high quality.

Evaer Video Recorder

Evaer Video Recorder: An Overview

It is the best video recorder for Skype in Windows, record audio or video calls without any problem, all saving the movie files in MP4 or AVI in addition to being able to only extract the audio in MP3, the same is easy to configure for any type of interviews, conferences, podcasts or family calls.
The application records the Skype calls with an efficient high quality data capture, with all the original information, so there is no loss of any kind of information.
The video recorder has features to improve the visual quality of the result obtained, also with a proper configuration allowing the recording picture-picture or side by side, ie horizontal or vertical (both are views of the video calls by Skype), everything will be done in different separate video files as if it were a single remote webcam or a local web, thus supporting up to ten forms of group recording that are predetermined in the configuration of skype
Similarly, you will be able to record without any problem the recording of phone calls, separating the audio from the video call, so you will have at your disposal the different files for your manipulation or configuration as you prefer.
So you’ll be able to automatically detect the type of call being executed, what you only need to do is to save the final audio or video file or files, either in their MP3 formats if it’s audio or MP4 or AVI if it’s video, all you need to do is to correctly configure this application so that it doesn’t need any kind of initiation to start saving the processed data, as it could do it automatically.
Specifically you can make the high quality recordings, you must take into account that Evaer Video Recorder is not a screenshot, it is a recording directly from Skype, so the video quality is not affected nor does it change the size of the windows, all it does is a direct recording giving you an original version of what was transmitted live.
In order to know how Evaer Video Recorder works, it does not need complex procedures, it has an easy and simple visualization that will allow any type of user to make the configuration that he considers more pertinent according to his case, the same to save all the information in the file or space in disk that he wants giving this way a great adaptability to the requirements of any type of user, besides allowing adjustments of visualization establishing from 240p to 1080p of quality.

Download Evaer Video Recorder

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