Download Evernote 2020

Download Evernote 2020
Download Evernote 2020

This program lets you create your own personal notes.


Download Evernote 2020: Taking notes can be very helpful, just as organizing, archiving and managing many tasks at the same time. In order to do this, people need a software like Evernote.

This app was design to help users take note, draw, create photographs, add audio and even save web content. The new version has many more upgrades which we will talk about in this article, and if you are interested, you can find a link to download Evernote 2020 along with a short tutorial on how to use the program correctly.

Evernote 2020

Evernote: An overview

Evernote is a very simple application to work with. You can use it to write down the important things you don’t want to forget about such as medical appointments, addresses, emails, phone numbers and shopping articles. To make the process a lot easier, Evernote allows you to create shortcuts by using keywords on every note you save

When you open a certain note, you will see it page by page and you can switch between pages the way you prefer it. Another feature that you can use on Evernote is the notebook option. You can create your own notebooks and you don’t have to worry about a page limit, so you can take this opportunity to get creative.

In addition, you will find a tag section, in which you get to make your own tags to separate the content you are saving. If you delete something accidentally, you will find every file you deleted on the trunk tool, and you get to restore all the files you need back.

The 2020 version includes upgrades like:

  1. More options to edit your notes.
  2. Detailed spellcheck tool.
  3. Simpler toolbar.
  4. Customizable interface.

All of the tools listed above are what make Evernote one of the best programs to take notes on PC, and the best part is that everyone can use it.

Download Evernote 2020

How to use Evernote?

Now that you have the link to download Evernote 2020, it is time you find out how to use the program appropriately. Watch this tutorial on how to get started on Evernote and you won’t feel lost.

After finishing the video, you will comprehend the pros of using Evernote and you will be able to save everything you need. Let us know in the comment section if you liked this tutorial and don’t go without checking our other categories.

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