Download Firefox 53 Offline Installers

Download Firefox 53 Offline Installers
Download Firefox 53 Offline Installers

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Download Firefox 53 Offline Installers: Mozilla Firefox 53 is a fast, secure and easy to use web browser which offers many advantages over other web browsers. Firefox 53 is an award-winning and open source web browser which is packed with advanced security features that are designed to help you stay safe and in control online. It can be used on desktops, notebooks, and mobile phones. The optimized Firefox 53 lets the user view Web pages faster as it uses a tabbed browsing, the ability to block pop-up windows and less of your computer’s memory. Also, it allows you to synchronize your browsing across multiple devices and tailor internet search. Mozilla Firefox 53 has a number of ways in which you can customize your online experience and the way you browse. You can access bookmarks, history, passwords and more from any device when using Firefox. Firefox 53 is leading the charge in online gaming and one can now play games on the Web without sacrificing speed or overall performance thereby improving every aspect of the browsing experience.

Download Firefox 53 Offline Installers

Firefox 53 New Features and Fixes

Firefox 53 comes with a number of enhancements, improved features and security fixes some of which are mentioned below:

  1. It has improved graphics stability for Windows users with the addition of compositor process separation (Quantum Compositor)
  2. It introduced two new ‘compact’ themes which are now available in Firefox, dark and light, based on the Firefox Developer Edition theme
  3. Lightweight themes can now be applied in private browsing windows
  4. Reader Mode can display the estimated reading time for any page
  5. Windows 7+ users on 64-bit OS can select 32-bit or 64-bit versions in the stub installer
  6. Various security fixes and changes have been made
  7. It has an updated design of site permission requests to make them easy to notice and easier to understand
  8. Windows XP and Vista are no longer supported, instead, XP and Vista users running Firefox 52 will continue to receive security updates on Firefox ESR 52.
  9. 32-bit Mac OS X is no longer supported. 32-bit Mac OS X users can now use Firefox ESR 53 instead so as to continue receiving the security updates.
  10. The updates for Mac OS X are smaller in size when compared to the updates for Firefox 52
  11. The last few characters of shortened tab titles fade out instead of being replaced by ellipses so as to keep more of the title visible
  12. A new visual design has been introduced for audio and video controls
  13. It has ended Firefox Linux support for processors which are older than Pentium 4 and AMD Opteron

Download Firefox 53 Offline Installers

So without wasting any time let’s see How to Download Firefox 53 Offline Installers with the help of the below-listed download links. 

Manual Update

 You can check the current version of Firefox in use by your system by going to Help, then clicking on About Firefox. A pop-up window will open that displays information about your browser. If a new update is present, you need to click on “What’s new” following which the Update will download manually within the browser. When an update is installed, you should restart your browser and check its version again by going to Help. Then a pop-up window will display, “Firefox is up to date”. But in case you do not want to download it via the browser, you can also download standalone installer and install the browser by yourself by using the direct download links given below.

Download and Installation of Firefox 53

You can download Firefox 53 Offline Installers using the below link:

Download Firefox 53 Offline Installer for Windows (64-bit)

Download Firefox 53 Offline Installer for Windows (32-bit)

Download Firefox 53 Offline Installer for Mac

Download Firefox 53 Offline Installer for Linux

Download Firefox 53 Offline Installer for Linux (64-bit)

After downloading, open the installer to start the installation process. It will extract the components first and then ask you to select the Type of your setup. You need to choose the installation location for Firefox after which the installation will begin and takes only a few seconds to complete. When you click on finish, Firefox browser will launch as you exit the installer. Then go to Help and click on About Firefox so that a pop-up window can show you the current updated version of your Firefox browser.

Alternatives to Firefox 53

  1. Firefox 55
  2. Firefox 56
  3. Google Chrome 60
  4. Google Chrome 65
  5. Google Chrome 57

That’s it you have finally check out this article; Download Firefox 53 Offline Installers but if you encounter any issues then feel free ask them in the comment’s section.

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