Download Firefox 54 Offline Installers

Download Firefox 54 Offline Installers
Download Firefox 54 Offline Installers

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Download Firefox 54 Offline Installers: Mozilla has released the offline installers for FireFox 54 to meet the user requirements. It is preferred by a large number of users as it a well-known, fast and very secure web browser. This particular version of FireFox is the first one to get the right balance between the speed of the system and the memory by making good use of the hardware. It also helps in multitasking to increase productivity by using different tabs for animations, videos and perform complicated tasks.

They have introduced new changes, features and security fixes, some of the bugs reported by the users have been fixed in this newer version of the browser. A test has been conducted By Mozilla to observe the memory usage of different web browsers on different operating systems. They have found that FireFox memory usage is very less when compared to the other browsers.

Download Firefox 54 Offline Installers

Download Firefox 54 Offline Installers

To get the full version of the FireFox 54 and to install it on multiple computers without consuming the bandwidth, we need to download the FireFox 54 offline installer. It can be used a number of times.

New Features in Firefox 54

  • This version uses multiple system processes to run complex sites faster and also provides its users with the best browsing experience. This will help in improving security, responsiveness, and stability.
  • A new strategy E10s (Electrolysis) is implemented with FireFox 54 which slits the load on FireFox into Independent processes. This also offers a balance between memory and speed.
  • For smooth and fast running of web pages on different tabs of the browser, Firefox uses four OS processes which lowers the impact on the responsiveness and speed across the other tabs
  • For devices with less memory, it is the perfect browser.
  • It offers to save and create customer devices in Responsive Design Mode for developers.
  • The Download panel and button have been changed and made easy.
  • The folder for Mobile Bookmarks has been added to the main Bookmark menu to make it easy for the users.
  • Additional changes in the Languages(CSS, JavaScript, HTML) and Developer Tools have been made for Web Developers

Want to see the current version of FireFox?

Here is what we can do, go to “Help” in the browser and click on “About FireFox” now you will be able to see a pop-up window which will show you the information of the browser. You can also check for updates from the same pop-up window, if an update is available you can manually download the update within the browser and once the update is installed, restart the browser and check for the current version again and it will show you that “FireFox is up to date”. 

Download Firefox 54 Offline Installers

So without wasting any time let’s see How to Download Firefox 54 Offline Installers with the help of the below-listed links:

Download Firefox 54 Offline Installers for Windows (64-bit)

Download Firefox 54 Offline Installers for Windows (32-bit)

Download Firefox 54 Offline Installers for Mac

Download Firefox 54 Offline Installers for Linux

Download Firefox 54 Offline Installers for Linux (64-bit)

How to Install Firefox 54 with the help of Offline Installers

  1. Download the Firefox 54 using the above-listed links for Offline Installers.
  2. Once you have downloaded the file, double-click on the setup.exe file to launch the installer.
  3. On the “Choose setup options” page select either “Standard” or “Custom” depending on your choice.
  4. Next, browse to the location where you want to install Firefox 54, but you can leave this option as it is, as by default Mozilla Firefox is installed in Program Files folder under C: drive.
  5. Once you click Next, the installation will start and will take 5-10 seconds to complete.
  6. Finally, click Finish on “Completing the Mozilla Firefox Setup Wizard” and this will launch the newly installed Firefox 54. 
  7. Click on the Settings icon then select Help then click on About Firefox.
  8. A new pop-up will open which will show you the current updated version of Firefox.

Alternatives to Firefox 54

  1. Firefox 55
  2. Firefox 60
  3. Firefox 53
  4. Google Chrome 55
  5. Google Chrome 60

That’s it you have finally check out this article; Download Firefox 54 Offline Installers, but if you encounter any issues then feel free ask them in the comment’s section.

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