Download Firefox 58 Offline Installers

Download Firefox 58 Offline Installers
Download Firefox 58 Offline Installers

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Download Firefox 58 Offline Installers: The latest version of Firefox, also known as Firefox 58 is available for download. The latest version has been built on the changes that were asked for by in the 57 version of the Firefox. A number of functional and privacy changes have been made in the latest version to make it more and more user-friendly in nature.

For Androids, the support system has been added for Progressive Web Apps, it is with the help of this system that the user will now be able to add websites on the home screen and will then be able to use as per their ease. For Progressive Web Applications, Firefox will now be able to display a house shaped button in the address bar. This will be shown to the users when they will visit the site that is PWA in nature. The application can be added to the home screen with the help of a single tap.

The latest version of Firefox is packed with some of the most important features and special care has been taken when it comes to the performance of the system. With each and every release, Mozilla continues to make changes in the performance, hence we keep on seeing more and more significant changes in the latest version.

Download Firefox 58 Offline Installers

The latest version also gives security to the users and it will also block pop- up windows easily. Also, the latest version is highly customizable in nature, it also supports add-on extensions, and will also help in configuring each and every browser profile by making changes in the settings.

Download Firefox 58 Offline Installers

So without wasting any time let’s see How to Download Firefox 58 Offline Installers with the help of the below-listed links:

Download Firefox 58 Offline Installers for Windows (64-bit)

Download Firefox 58 Offline Installers for Windows (32-bit)

Download Firefox 58 Offline Installers for Linux (TAR 64-bit)

Download Firefox 58 Offline Installers for Linux (TAR)

Download Firefox 58 Offline Installers for Mac

Download Firefox 58 (All Languages)

New features in Firefox 58

  1. Improvement in the performance: Performance has drastically improved in the latest version. This has also improved the way Firefox renders graphics. An improved engine has been launched that will effectively paint your screen with the help of a dedicated CPU thread. The latest version also uses caches JavaScript that will help in the loading of the page in a much faster way. There has been an improvement in Firefox screenshots as well. In the latest version, the user will now be able to copy and paste the screenshots directly to their clipboard. All the screenshots of Firefox will now be working in the private browsing mode. Mozilla is also promoting a new feature known as Tracking Protection Feature. Although, this feature came into existence two years back, but the previous version allowed the users to enable the privacy feature all the times. According to a study by Mozilla, if this feature is enabled all the time, it will actually speed up the loading of the pages. This feature is easily available for Android and Ios.
  2. Fonts have been fixed: All the fonts that are installed in non-standard directories will not be appearing blank for Linux users. As we all can see that the use of PCs has also been declining, which means the future of Firefox depends heavily on the use of mobile phones. To make sure that users do not face any problem, Mozilla has tried and slightly changed their feature known as the Bookmarking feature so that it becomes easy for the users to view. With the change in this feature, the user will now be able to create new folders, will also be able to organize the folders, and they will also be able to move the bookmarks into a variety of folders.
  3. Change in the profile: All the users who will be creating their profile in the latest version will not be valid in the previous version. In case a user still wants to use the previous version, they will have to create a new profile in order to work in that version.
  4. Unique experience: The latest version provides users with a multi-process browsing experience. The beta testing is complete, the stable version will soon be available for the public to download. The latest version is built on a platform known as the Gecko platform. It is with the help of this platform the user can safely use the product. Also, the new malware and phishing protection that is a part of the latest version protects the users from virus attack, and spyware and keeps them safe on the internet.

Alternatives to Firefox 58

  1. Firefox 60
  2. Firefox 55
  3. Firefox 53
  4. Google Chrome 60
  5. Google Chrome 65

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