Download Firefox Offline Installer (All Versions)

Download Firefox Offline Installer (All Versions)
Download Firefox Offline Installer (All Versions)

Mozilla Firefox is one of the best and most popular web browsers available on Internet. Download Now

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Download Firefox Offline Installer (All Versions): When it comes to internet browsing, very few browsers are as popular as Mozilla Firefox. Undoubtedly one of the most popular web browsers in the world, Firefox has been around for almost two decades now. It is free software and available for all platforms and devices. Two of its biggest competitors in the domain are Google Chrome and Internet Explorer (now Microsoft Edge). Despite losing significant market shares to Google Chrome in recent years, it continues to be used widely around the world. It is especially popular among developers owing to its utility as a light, faster browser with better privacy.

Download Firefox Offline Installers (All Versions)

Mozilla Firefox: A brief Overview

Mozilla Firefox is currently the second most popular web browser after Google Chrome. It used to be the default web browser in a lot of PCs until recently. Google Chrome’s popularity led to Firefox losing its market. It is, however, better than Chrome in several aspects like speed, security, and privacy.

Firefox is also light and does not utilize a lot of hardware resources like Chrome which literally eats RAM for breakfast. This makes it a preferred choice for slower computers. Another interesting feature of Firefox is that it is an open-source web browser. This means that developers from all over the world can contribute to improving their performance by sharing their code. They can create and add more functions, widgets, and themes. It is also a pioneer in supporting open web technologies and supports new and advanced features of HTML5, CSS3, etc.

Salient Features of Firefox

1. Add-ons and Customization – Firefox is the most customizable browser in the realm of the internet. This is possible due to its large collection of add-ons and themes or personas. Add-ons increase the functionality of Firefox by offering more features in comparison to its competitors. They are like small extension codes that add to the utilities of the browser. These add-ons help the users with numerous functions like blocking ads and flash content, connecting social network and email, helping web developers to debug and review live code, add widgets, and more. This multiplicity of features offers you a wholly customized browsing experience to perform tasks that you need. You can also change the appearance of your browser by selecting one of the many themes available in the Firefox library.

2. Tabbed Browsing – Firefox features a tabbed interface. These tabs aren’t displayed on the home screen. In order to open a new tab, you have to right-click on any link and select “open in a new tab”. Tabbed browsing is convenient and easy to use because it allows you to view multiple websites at the same time arranged in tabs. It makes it easier to switch between websites by simply clicking on the respected tabs. Firefox also comes with the feature of tab grouping that allows you to cluster similar tabs into categories. This reduces the clutter in your tab bar. Another useful feature to reduce clutter is the App Tabs function. This allows you to reduce space to a great extent by converting your commonly used tabs to just the favicon. In case you have the habit of keeping social media or email open all the time, then you can easily convert them to favicons using the Apps Tab and reduce space.

3. Improved Security – Firefox provides good protection against malware, viruses, and phishing websites. The security service of Firefox comes with regular updates to protect you from all kinds of malware. While surfing the internet if you visit a suspicious site that could be malicious or a phishing site then Firefox raises a warning against it. It protects you from providing your private information to such websites. It keeps updating its list of probable fraudulent sites 48 times a day. In fact, Firefox was the first browser to start private browsing. In private browsing, your browsing history, cookies, website data, and the cache is deleted as soon as you complete your browsing. It also prevents you from installing apps and software from unknown sources. You will receive a security warning before any such installation and hence you can easily opt-out of it.

4. Live bookmarks – Firefox has an interesting new way of creating bookmarks for your favorite websites. You can simply drag the tab for the website to the bookmarks sections and the page appears as a small box icon there. They are automatically saved and you can easily access them when you reopen Firefox. In order to delete an old bookmark, all you need to do is right-click on it and click on the delete option. It is also capable of creating automatic bookmarks. Firefox remembers your recently and frequently visited sites and saves them as a bookmark. It arranges them under tabs like “Most visited”, “Recently Bookmarked”, “Recent Tags”, etc.  If you create a Firefox account then you can also sync your bookmarks and other settings across multiple devices logged in with the same account.

5. Unified Search and Address bar – Firefox has done away with separate search and address bar. To remove confusion for the user, it has combined them into a unified search/address bar. You can simply start typing whatever you are searching in the address bar and it will work just fine. The unified search bar also gives you suggestions based on your search history, bookmarks, cookies, and popular searches. It starts these predictions when you start typing and thus saves time in typing the full thing.

6. Great Performance – Firefox is pretty great when it comes to performance. It provides excellent speeds and faster response time. It does not look as attractive as Chrome but excels in performance. Integration with social media is also pretty basic but that does not downgrade Firefox at all. It is very efficient and light. More importantly, it does not consume a lot of hardware resources, especially RAM. This makes it popular among users with a comparatively basic computer. You can also enjoy faster speeds while using web-based apps. These performance perks make Firefox an ideal choice for a lot of developers.

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How to Download and Install Mozilla Firefox (All Versions)?

Mozilla Firefox can be easily downloaded from the internet. It is a freeware and its setup file can be downloaded and installed. There are a couple of ways in which you can download Firefox. In this section, we will tell you about these methods but before that let’s take a look at the different versions of Mozilla Firefox – Firefox Quantum and Firefox ESR.

What is Firefox Quantum?

Firefox Quantum is the latest version of Firefox, claimed to be the fastest browser ever made. It comes with a lot of improvements and a better-looking interface. It takes inspiration from the previous versions of Firefox and its Gecko engine. The latest version of Quantum is faster than its contemporaries like Chrome and Microsoft Edge. It utilizes fewer hardware resources than any other web browser and offers more extensive dev tools. All these perks created Quantum’s popularity when it was released. Many users even switched their default browser and set it to Firefox Quantum to enjoy better usability.

What is Firefox ESR?

Firefox ESR stands for Extended Support Release and it was designed mainly for IT professionals. ESR is meant for mass deployment in organizations like schools, colleges, businesses, etc. IT professionals can easily use ESR to set-up Firefox in their organization. One of the important purposes of ESR is to provide support for technologies like Microsoft Silverlight which are old and deprecated. It is especially helpful for people who are still using older computers.

Now let us look at the various ways in which you can download Firefox.

Method 1: Using an Online Installer

You can easily download Firefox from the official site of Mozilla for free. Once you are on the site you can click on the Download button to download the online installer. You can use the link given below to download the online installer.

Download Mozilla Firefox

Method 2: Using an Offline Installer

The online installer has a couple of problems. It requires a stable internet connection to work and also repeated download if it needs to be installed on multiple devices. Also, the online installer always downloads the 32-bit version on your computer. If you are using a 64-bit version of Windows 10, then you would like to install the 64-bit version of Firefox as this would improve the performance of the browser.

In order to avoid these problems, you have to use an offline installer. Use the links given below to download the required offline installer.

Download latest Firefox for Windows 64-bit

Download latest Firefox for Windows 32-bit

Download latest Firefox for Linux 64-bit

Download latest Firefox for Linux 32-bit

Download latest Firefox offline installer for Mac (dmg)

Download the latest Firefox for all systems and languages

Download Firefox for Android

Download Firefox for iOS

Download Firefox Portable in all languages

Latest Firefox ESR Download Links

Download latest Firefox ESR for Windows 64-bit

Download latest Firefox ESR for Windows 32-bit

Download latest Firefox ESR for Linux 64-bit

Download latest Firefox ESR for Linux 32-bit

Download latest Firefox ESR for Mac

Download latest Firefox for All systems and languages

Download Firefox ESR Portable

Current Version: Firefox 75 Offline Installer Direct Download Link

Download Firefox 75 Offline Installer for Windows (64-bit)

Download Firefox 75 Offline Installer for Windows (64-bit) MSI

Download Firefox 75 Offline Installer for Windows (32-bit)

Download Firefox 75 Offline Installer for Windows (32-bit) MSI

Download Firefox 75 Offline Installer for Mac OS

Download Firefox 75 Offline Installer for Linux (TAR 32-bit)

Download Firefox 75 Offline Installer for Linux (TAR 64-bit)

Download Firefox 75 Offline Installer for Android

Other Firefox Versions

Download Firefox Beta

Download Firefox Developers

Download Firefox Nightly

For Advanced Users: Mozilla FTP Server

On the FTP Server, the following options are usually provided:

  • win32 — Windows 32-bit Firefox
  • win64 — Windows 64-bit Firefox
  • win32-EME-free — Windows 32-bit Firefox without Encrypted Media Extensions
  • win64-EME-free — Windows 64-bit Firefox without Encrypted Media Extensions
  • Linux-i686 — 32-bit Linux Firefox
  • Linux-x86_64 — 64-bit Linux Firefox
  • mac — Mac OS X version of Firefox
  • mac-EME-free — Mac OS X version of Firefox without Encrypted Media Extensions

Once you have downloaded the installer, run it by double-clicking on it. After the installer starts running, the rest of the installation process is automatic and will get completed in a couple of minutes.

How to Migrate to Firefox from Chrome or Edge browser?

If you are already using Chrome or Edge and would like to migrate to Firefox then you need to follow a series of steps to transfer your saved data and settings. Your bookmarks, preferences, saved links, etc. needs to be transferred to the new browser. This is a difficult process. Follow the instructions given below to successfully complete the process of migration.

Step 1: Start Firefox and open the Bookmarks manager. To do this open the Bookmarks manager by clicking on the library icon in the toolbar. Now click on the Bookmarks option and then click on show all bookmarks.

Step 2: You will now be in the “Library” dialog box from where you can organize and also import your saved bookmarks from a different browser. Now click on the “Import and Backup” option and select the “Import Data from Another Browser”.

Step 3: Now you will see a dialog box that will show you the list of installed browsers on your system. Click on the desired browser from which you would like to import your browser.

Step 4: Next up you need to select all the data that you would like to import. Select checkboxes next to options like Cookies, browsing history, and passwords.

Step 5: Now the selected data will get imported to Firefox from the other browser. You can repeat these steps if you need to import data from some other browser.

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How to Update Firefox to the latest version?

The first thing that you need to do is to check the version of Firefox installed on your computer. In order to do that open Firefox and click on the menu button. Now click on the Help button and select the About Firefox option. This will cause Firefox to automatically check for updates and install them on your computer.

Automatically Download Updates:

You can choose to automatically install the updates for Firefox. To do so, open the menu and click on the “Options” button. Now select the General tab and go to the “Firefox Updates” section. Here you can select the option to either:

1. Automatically install updates.

2. Check for updates, but you choose to install them.

Manually Download Updates:

You can also manually check for updates by clicking on the check for updates button in the menu section. If any pending updates are shown, then click on the install button. You can also run the latest Firefox installer to upgrade to the latest version.

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Mozilla Firefox is a really powerful and efficient web browser. It used to be the most popular browser in the market until recently. However, with its new update Firefox Quantum, things are looking to get better for Firefox. The latest version of the browser is better than its competitors like Chrome and Edge in a lot of aspects. It is faster and lighter on the consumption of resources. It is a freeware and can be easily downloaded on your computer. Owing to these features, it is more popular with developers and people having slower computers.

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