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Download Folder Guard
Download Folder Guard

Security program that allows you to control access to different files, Windows resources and folders.


Download Folder Guard: There are always times when you think you need some kind of security system to prevent access to prying eyes that can check any kind of files you have on your computer, whether they are private, confidential or public not anyone should have access to them. That’s why systems like Folder Guard are perfect to safeguard any kind of information because you can incorporate access methods to each of your private files.

Folder Guard

Folder Guard: An Overview

Folder Guard is a powerful security and access control program to prevent unauthorized entry to various files, folders and resources of the Windows operating system. You can use it to lock down from personal files or folders, all by simply applying a password that will be required to open the set of information.

This way you will avoid any look at the records you have or in such a case hide these folders completely so that they cannot be found in any way this until you have entered the password directly in the Folder Guard application.

If so you also want to be able to protect different operating system files against any kind of national quote modification or destruction saying you will not be able to manipulate them in any way besides Disabling access to removable devices or to the control panel and so on with many more features.

With this system you can protect and apply a password to almost any type of folder allowing only users with the key to enter these protected files. An advantage of this is that you can apply the password to an unlimited number of files and to each one apply a password in front of it so you can also set a master password which will serve as access for the same application.
Basically the reason to make this system is to protect or maintain a privacy of your personal crop folders, user can configure it to hide those folders or make them appear as if they had done so. When this is not the case the only way to be able to see all the information is to enter a password that authorizes it to be shown completely.
The attractive way that this system has is to protect the different configurations of the Windows operating system so you would need to make a password to make any important change from the control panel or any important file type in the C disk.
You can notice the great utility that this system has where you can avoid the undue access to any type of information not necessarily confidential or private but that you do not want that it can modify any user where it could spoil some type of operation already established in the computer.
That’s why downloading this system known as folder guard is necessary when it requires extra protection to avoid curious eyes that can begin to review the private information you have.


Download Folder Guard

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