Download Format Factory latest version

Download Format Factory latest version
Download Format Factory latest version

Program to convert multimedia files on PC.


Download Format Factory latest version: Multimedia files can be converted with the right program, and Format Factory is the perfect software for this task. By using an application like this, you will be able to convert any file you want to a different format.

It is one of the best programs to convert multimedia files you will for PC, and if you want do download Format Factory, you will find a link in this article, as well as a short tutorial on how to use it appropriately.

Format Factory latest version

Format Factory: An overview

Format Factory is a multimedia files converter that is available in more than 50 languages and it has an Adware license, which means you can use it completely free in exchange of watching publicity within the application. Just like many other similar programs, you can utilize Format Factory to work with formats such as:

  1. MP4.
  2. AVI.
  3. MPG.
  4. 3GP.
  5. WMV.
  6. SWF.

Besides this, Format Factory presents compatibility with Android formats, iPhone formats and even PlayStation Portable formats. Furthermore, the program also has audio compatibility with basic audio standards like AMR, AAC and OGG. Another benefit from using Format Factory is that the quality of the videos you want to convert can improve or not depending on what your necessities are.

Thanks to this, the size of your final videos will not take that much space on your disk and the player will reproduce those files quicker. When it comes to using the application, you can relax.

All you have to do is install the program on your computer and run it after the process is complete. To look for a file, click on the file explorer and drag it to the software’s interface. Finally, you just have to pick the format and click on convert.

Download Format Factory

How to use Format Factory?


Now that you have the link to download Format Factory, it is time you watch a tutorial on how to use the program correctly. That is all. Just click on the button to download the program and to get started.

If you have any issue with the link, let us know in the comment section and we will help you. Don’t go just yet, and take a look around our categories. We have many other tutorials for you to discover.


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