Download Garden Planner

Download Garden Planner
Download Garden Planner

Garden planner to put all the creativity you want and make it as simple as possible.


Download Garden Planner: In moments when you need some kind of software for editing and creating creative designs for gardens of any kind, Garden Planner is an excellent software to apply creativity and create attractive gardens for any kind of home, with different features from paths, sidewalks and fences as well as a set of plants that can be placed for a better visual impact.

Garden Planner

Garden Planner: An Overview

Is a creator of unique and captivating designs of any type of garden design, includes different tools for drawing and manipulating elements that can be incorporated for a better visual environment, both in simple objects such as paths to different types of trees or plants.
By using this software, any type of user can easily organize objects with a simple drag and drop interface for convenience and with features that are easy to understand for non-expert users. Likewise, the design will depend on how you can manipulate the elements and make them play in your favor in terms of visual appeal.
As for its operation, it has key features that can help you better control the design you are making:
It has a powerful design engine where you can establish different structures in a plane with millimetric accuracy a simple and intuitive interface for any type of user.
It provides different tools that will serve for a great customization of designs.
Different objects in terms of vegetation are referred to as plants, trees, grass among others.
Establish a limit so that it does not get in the way of different areas of the home.
Supports drag and drop functions to add elements in an easier way.
You can print in color any type of design you are making.
A wide variety of specific plants and their characteristics for a more personalized design such as roses, daisies, sunflowers and more than 1200 types of flowers available as well as a large library of different artificial objects that can be incorporated for a better visual impact.
If we talk about technical data as far as the system is concerned, it has a compatibility for any type of Windows 32 or 64 bits architecture, besides a light weight so that it works with any type of hardware some with low performance.
To conclude, you can take into account what is a simple system that will speed up a construction task that is very common today, with the different functions it has you can see the easy way you can manipulate the whole design and change it to in its entirety, there is no doubt that it is a software that you should try if you are dedicated to the design of gardens for homes or have the need to improve the visual appearance of your own garden, just take into account the different free and paid versions so you can exploit all the potential and the different extra elements that offers garden planner.


Download Garden Planner

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