Download Gimp 2020 for Windows and Mac

Download Gimp 2020 for Windows and Mac
Download Gimp 2020 for Windows and Mac

The perfect graphic design software for new users that want to edit pictures.


Download Gimp 2020: Anyone who enjoys editing pictures needs a program to do so. Nowadays there are many programs that you can use to edit photos in your spare time and maybe as a hobby. However not many of the options are free and if you don’t want to spend money on a software, you need to know about Gimp 2020. This software is similar to Adobe Photoshop but it doesn’t have as many features. Still, Gimp 2020 is a very useful software for you to start editing pictures and creating your own art.

Gimp 2020

Gimp 2020: An overview

When we talk about editing images, we are talking about the capacity and the possibilities of achieving this by using software. Gimp is the perfect example of highly recommended software. It is an open code program and it is free, what makes it a very important tool for people to get to know. It doesn’t have as many features as other programs, but with Gimp an amateur in the world of graphic design can develop good designs without having to study very much. This is what makes Gimp so requested, people can use it with almost zero knowledge and they won’t get loss in the process. It has pros and cons, and that is what you are going to discover in today’s tutorial. The 2020 version has ainting tools that include brushes, pencils, airbrushes and clone tools. You can also find  support systems to customize brushes and patterns and advanced editing tools such as layers and channels, channel support, multiple undo and redo options, editable layers of text and transformation tools like rotate and flip. It can support formats  such as jpeg, pdf, png, psd, and gifs. You can open as much images as you want to and the program won’t crash.

Other tools you will encounter are perfect to delete backgrounds and imperfections in any picture you want, and it’s going to be a lot easier than you think. Gimp 2020 has new features that include the option to work on architectural projects. Another feature you will encounter is the compatibility with other software, which means you can work using Gimp and another editing software to create your projects. This new version also innovates the interface to help the user understand a little more and it also improves on the use of layering. It fixes previous bugs that users complained about and this new version doesn’t have them at all.

Download Gimp 2020

How to use Gimp 2020?

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