Download Google Chrome 60 Offline Installers

Download Google Chrome 60 Offline Installers
Download Google Chrome 60 Offline Installers

Direct Download Links for Google Chrome 60 Offline Installers for Windows, Linux and Mac.

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Download Google Chrome 60 Offline Installers: Google has recently released Google Chrome 60 with a number of improved features. The latest version is available for download for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

As soon as the Google Chrome installer has been downloaded, the same can be used on various operating systems. Regular update is provided by Google to all the users to use Chrome and upgrade the same so that it can create an enhanced experience for the users. Google Chrome is one of the most important web browsers that use sophisticated technology to create a fast, and safe version for users. With just the help of one box, the user can type everything in the address bar and get all the required details.

Download Google Chrome 60 Offline Installers

Chrome was launched in the year 2008 and within such a short span of time, it has dominated the world and has also become one of the most used browsers all across the world. With each passing day, Google comes up with something new and ensures that it gives it best to the users as compared to the other browsers. So without wasting any time let’s see How to Download Google Chrome 60 Offline Installers with the help of the below-listed links.

Download Google Chrome 60 Offline Installers

Download Google Chrome 60 for Windows (64-bit )

Download Google Chrome 60 for Windows (32-bit )

Download Google Chrome 60 for Mac

Download Google Chrome 60 for Linux (Debian)

Download Google Chrome 60 for Linux (RPM)

What are the various features of Google Chrome 60?

  1. All the security issues that were part of the previous version have been taken into consideration and fixed. A lot of these issues were found by the team and a lot of these issues were reported by the researchers.
  2. The thumbnails on the side of the site allow you to visit your favorite page as much as possible.
  3. Desktop shortcuts can be created and these shortcuts allow you to launch all your favorite applications on it straight from the desktop.
  4. There are some inbuilt features also that Chrome supports. One of the important features is automatic full-page translation and the user also gets access to a number of applications, extensions, and themes from the store.
  5. Chrome is the best answer to all your questions with respect to internet browsing and it always ensures high security, speed and some of the really great features.
  6. In the latest version, Google has invested maximum time in speed. It launches in a second from the desktop and all the applications are run at a much faster rate now as compared to its previous version. Because of the JavaScript engine, all the pages load very quickly. The user interface has also been simplified to make it an everlasting experience for the users.
  7. The user interface has not changed much since its launch in the year 2008. Although, Google did focus on reducing the toolbar so that it can increase the browsing space. The browser, on the whole, is made up of three browsing tools, the top layer is used to adjust the tabs. The middle row helps in controlling three navigation tools, which are back, forward and stop. The middle row also includes a URL box that helps in direct web searching and also a star bookmarking icon. In the third row, you will find bookmark folders and all the installed applications.
  8. When it comes to privacy, Google tops the list. And the most important feature that comes to our mind is the Incognito mode. It allows you to browse privately and also allows you to disable the history, and all the trace marks can be reduced easily. And cookies cannot also be tracked once the system has been shut down. A user can also customize regular browsing history as per the privacy preference of the user.
  9. Also, Google Chrome‚Äôs Sandboxing prevents all the malware installing on your system and also does not affect other tabs. Also, because of it’s in-built technology it warns you about the malware present on the website and makes sure that there is no suspicion or attack of the virus. Chrome also gives you regular updates about security features in order to make sure that you are updating.
  10. It also offers various customization features that will make your browsing experience overall unique for you.

How to install the latest version?

  1. On your operating system, download the offline installer.
  2. As soon as you install it on your system, run the installer to start the installation process on your system. It will not take more than 2-3 minutes to install.

How to check your Chrome Version?

  1. The user is required to download the latest version of the Chrome. Once the downloading is complete, the user can check whether the version has been upgraded or not.
  2. On Google Chrome, go to the settings and then click on About. You will get to see the version of your Google Chrome.
    Download Google Chrome 60 Offline Installers

Alternatives to google chrome 60

  1. Google chrome 58
  2. Google chrome 65
  3. Firefox 58
  4. Firefox 60

That’s it you have finally check out this article; Download Google Chrome 60 Offline Installers, but if you face any issues then feel free to ask your questions in the comment’s section.

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