Download Google Chrome 65 Offline Installers


Google’s new release of Chrome 65 for Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux users includes many new features. Find direct Download link to Google Chrome.

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Download Google Chrome 65 Offline Installers: Google’s new release of Chrome 65 for Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux users includes many new features as well as many security enhancements. This latest version of Chrome is now being moved to compatible devices. According to the official changelog, Chrome 65 has a new language menu where you can set your preferred language for sites you visit. This can be done with the help of your mobile web browser. For setting preferred language you need to go to the settings then languages. It has many other improved features. Here we will be discussing them. So read on.

Download Google Chrome 65 Offline Installers

An overview of the new features in Chrome 65

Google has introduced this new chrome mainly focusing on the developers as most of the features aim towards making the developers experience smooth and easy. For example, in CSS paint API an image is generated programmatically when it is expected by CSS properly. Another new API launched in this version of Chrome is server timing API, which allows web servers in passing performance timing information through HTTP headers to browsers. Chrome 65 shows website favicon at the time of typing a website name in the bar address. This is a great way of identifying websites and opening them with the help of visual clues. Also, for Android users, Chrome 65 supports TLS 1.3 draft 23 which will be rolling out through a field trial. For enhancing the security of the web browser this very TLS standard is designed. All these new changes are expected to improve the data efficiency of Chrome.

Reaching the extension page has been made easier

For many accessing the extension, the page is difficult. But Google’s new launch has made it quite easier. The extensions manager page has received a completely new look and can be accessed easily by writing “Manage Extensions” directly in the address section. This new version of Chrome has an improved accessibility option that can give you a very simplified view of all web content. Forgetting a simplified view just go to the settings, where you will find the accessibility settings. You can also share and delete downloads very easily from the download page.

How to Download Google Chrome 65 Offline Installers

Google Chrome 65 is now available for installation and download. Offline installation link can be available for all operating systems including Linux, Mac, Android, and Windows. This new chrome update comes with 45 bug fixes among which 8 are the most critical ones. Chrome 65 is available for download in Google Play.

Direct download links are available for Google Chrome 65 in 32-bit, 64-bit files as well as for MAC and Linux.

Upgrade to Chrome 65

In case you are already using Chrome, it will be much easier for you to upgrade to Chrome through Chrome update. All you need to do is to visit the three-dot menu at the top right corner of the Chrome’s window, where you will find the help option and the about Chrome section. As soon as you are done with your installation process, your browser will ask you for relaunching it. Once you relaunch, you will find that the latest and the updated version of Chrome has been installed.

The new Chrome also comes with a Server Timing API which helps developers for measuring the web application performances by capturing both the server and client speed.

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