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Google’s new release of Chrome for Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux users includes many new features. Find direct Download link to Google Chrome.

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Download Google Chrome All Versions Offline Installer: If you want to surf the internet and access Web content, then you need a browser. There are a lot of browsers available in the market but only a few are as popular as Google Chrome. The official browser released by Google is a fan favorite for its simple interface and ease of use. It is one of the most widely used internet browsers in the world. It has been over a decade since Chrome was released and it has risen through the ranks to become the default web browser in every computer. People prefer to use Google Chrome more than in-built browsers like Internet Explorer in Windows and Safari in MAC. In this article, we will find out the reason behind the success of Google Chrome and also help you to get your hands on an offline installer for Google Chrome.

Download Google Chrome All Versions Offline Installer

Google Chrome: Introduction

Google Chrome was released in the year 2008 by Google to be its official web browser. Google was already on its way to becoming the number one search engine and was its popularity was rapidly increasing. This encouraged fans to try Google Chrome and they loved it. The reason was its simplistic and minimal interface which makes it easy to use. It is clean and does not confuse the user with a screen full of tabs and buttons. Apart from that it is faster, secure, and has extensive support for numerous new Web-code standards. Another thing that makes Google Chrome one of the best browsers is its extensions. It provides a lot of third-party features like notes, bookmarks, auto-sync, etc. It is also compatible with all platforms and operating systems. It is available on all kinds of devices be it a PC, a tablet, or a smartphone. Google Chrome’s cross-platform and cross-device support with auto-sync allows users to use one single account to sync all their devices. They can easily save their settings, bookmarks, and search history by using Google Chrome on all the devices.

One of the downsides of Google Chrome is that it hogs a lot of resources, especially RAM. Google Chrome consumes a lot of RAM and hence might not be the first choice for people having a PC with low hardware specifications. It is also heavily criticized for its poor privacy. Google Chrome has been receiving some heat because of its inability to protect the privacy of users. While surfing the internet users have experienced their details being stolen by websites that result in spam mail and targeted advertising.

Salient Features of Google Chrome

1. Interface – The first noteworthy feature of Google Chrome is its simple and neat interface. It has a minimalistic interface that is loved by the users. The popularity of a minimalistic browser inspired other browsers to do the same. Browsers like Internet Explorer has in fact managed to achieve a sleeker design with fewer boundary regions. Google Chrome has a very interesting feature that allows you to customize the appearance of your browser. This is called Themes. There are numerous themes available in the Chrome store for free. The user can choose the one that he/she likes and change the appearance of the borders and the background. Google Chrome has combined the search and address bar into a single bar called the Omnibox. This makes it easier to use as you need not be confused while searching for a term or entering the web address. The tabs in Google Chrome are really intuitive. They have a neat and unique look with an angled edge. They can be dragged out of the browser window to create a new window. The New Tab page automatically shows you thumbnails for your most frequently visited sites.

2. Chrome Extensions – Another interesting feature of Google Chrome is the presence of many useful extensions. It has the highest number of third-party features provided by any Web browser. Built-in notes, extra bookmarks page, auto-refresh, and a lot of other advanced features. These extensions can be installed as per the requirement of the user. The icon for the extension will be visible either as an icon in the address bar or as a button in the Menu bar. Some extensions might not have icons and they appear as added choices in the options bar. These extensions make Chrome more useful and powerful.

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3. Flash and PDF support – Chrome comes with a built-in Adobe Flash player. It gets automatically updated and the user needs not to worry about installing them individually. Due to these automatic and timely updates, you will not face any issues with Flash security. Plug-ins that require Flash are run in a separate Chrome sandbox which avoids access to critical system areas. Chrome also has a built-in PDF reader which allows you to directly open PDF files on the browser. You do not need to download it and then use a third-party app to read them. There is an intuitive toolbar that allows you to navigate in the PDF. You can also directly print PDFs from the browser.

4. Automatic Syncing – Chrome automatically syncs your settings, bookmarks, and search history across multiple devices that are using the same account. It can also save your preferences, themes, shortcuts, passwords, auto-form fills, etc. You can also add multiple accounts to Chrome and it would allow them to sync their data as well. It is a very useful feature that makes browsing easy.

5. Performance – Chrome became very popular due to its enhanced performance and fast speeds. Its exceptional JavaScript speeds make it commendable. It also does a very decent job of using the graphics processor of the PC to improve the rendering of a lot of websites. Google chrome has also proved to be exceptional in business and supporting new Web technologies. However, it is a little heavy on resource consumption. It hogs a lot of RAM and also causes the battery to drain faster in comparison to other web browsers.

6. Security – Google Chrome has an excellent track record when it comes to security. Chrome restricts all its activity inside a sandbox that safeguards your system from unrestricted access. Flash integration along with auto-updates increases the security of the browser. Chrome sends a warning if it detects any malicious content on any website. A similar warning is raised when you try to download some suspicious files. Google chrome fares much better when compared to its contemporaries in terms of security.

System Requirements for Google Chrome

  • Processor of 1GHz.
  • Minimum RAM of 128 MB.
  • Hard Disk Space of 100 MB.
  • Graphics Processor that supports DirectX 9.

How to Update Google Chrome?

If you have Google Chrome already installed on your device, then you can simply update it to the latest edition. The installed version can be easily checked from the browser itself. Just go to the help option and click on About Google Chrome. You will be able to see the version of Google Chrome installed on your device. You can also check the version from Apps and Features if you are using Windows 10.

In order to update Google Chrome, open Chrome, and click on the three vertical dots on the top right corner of the window. Now click on help and then About Google Chrome. This will automatically cause Chrome to look for updates and automatically start the update if any update was pending.

How to Download and Install Google Chrome?

If you do not have Chrome on your PC then there are a couple of ways to install it on your computer. Let us look into these methods in detail.

Method 1: Using the Official Online Installer

Google Chrome is a freeware and can be easily downloaded from the official site of Google Chrome. When you click on the download button on the official site, an online installer which is less than 1 MB gets downloaded. When you run this online installer, it downloads and installs the setup files for Google Chrome. This method is feasible when you have a stable internet connection.

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Method 2: Using an Offline Installer

In case you have no internet connection or if you need to install Chrome on multiple computers then it isn’t wise to individually download them and waste data for each computer. Downloading an offline installer allows you to copy it on to a USB flash drive and install Chrome on multiple devices. Use the links given below to download the appropriate offline installer.

Download Chrome Latest Version Offline Installer

Download Google Chrome Web Installer

Download Google Chrome Offline Installer

Download Google Chrome MSI Installer [Enterprise Edition]

Download Google Chrome Google Chrome for macOS

Download Google Chrome Offline Installer for Linux

Download Google Chrome for Android

Download Google Chrome for iOS

Download Google Chrome Portable

Download Chrome MSI for Windows 64-bit [Official Installer MSI]

Download Chrome MSI for Windows 32-bit [Official Installer MSI]

Download Chrome Bundle 64-bit [Enterprise]

Download Chrome Bundle 32-bit [Enterprise]


Download Chrome Beta version (Latest)

Download Google Chrome Beta for Windows 64-bit

Download Google Chrome Beta for Windows 32-bit

Download Google Chrome Google Chrome for macOS

Download Google Chrome Offline Installer for Linux

Download Google Chrome for Android

Download Google Chrome for iOS

Download Google Chrome Dev (Latest)

Download Google Chrome Dev for Windows 64-bit

Download Google Chrome Dev for Windows 32-bit

Download Google Chrome Dev for macOS

Download Google Chrome Dev for Linux

Download Google Chrome Dev for Android

Download Googe Chrome Canary/Nightly Build (Latest)

Download Google Chrome Canary for Windows 64-bit

Download Google Chrome Canary for Windows 32-bit

Download Google Chrome Canary for macOS

Download Google Chrome Canary for Linux

Download Google Chrome Canary for Android

Google Chrome is a very popular and powerful Web browser. Its minimalistic interface makes it easy to use. It is available for all platforms and devices and thus allows you to easily sync your data across all your devices. It is loaded with features, extensions, and utilities. It automatically updates itself and its plug-ins. This makes things even simpler for the user. It has an exceptional reputation for being secure and fast. You can easily download Chrome using the links given above.

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