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System that can create standalone software installers for Windows


Download InstallMate: In different types of projects you may need a custom installer independent of Windows that works properly and smoothly, InstallMate will allow you to create the exe files you want to be self-extracting from the internet content you want, likewise you can make a combination of packages for better use of the executable created.


InstallMate: An Overview

InstallMate is a software that will allow the creation of executable files for any Windows desktop platform, it has a great support in terms of compatibility giving the possibility to execute files with 32 and 64 bits architectures.
The installers don’t need any special time of execution, this will depend on the computer where they are used, in the same way it is provided executables so generic that it is able to work in the different versions that you can have available.
Developing a single executable file that can perform automatic downloads from any web, this will depend on the purpose of the exe, so you can make a combination of different download packages in a single executable.
Other interesting features is the ability to create encrypted or password-protected installers for better protection from being activated only by the people with whom they are shared, you can also customize the appearance of the same so you can give a more original touch to your exe file.
You can’t leave out the fact that you can make an installer with multilingual levels, giving an increase in the number of users that will be able to visualize and use the executable file and get the benefits that it can provide, but if you still think that your work could be stolen you could implement a digital signature to avoid the plagiarism of your creation, thus giving credit to your own work.
As for how the user interface of each installer is handled is fully customizable, you can add, remove, or replace the different elements with which you handle the data package, from the information boxes to the representative images as well as logos or other important information, if you consider it important you can also set your own installation wizard sequences, or make modifications to them over the default way that appears in the configuration.
With what we have seen so far you can see the great customization that it has, to the point of being able to customize the same actions it performs, in addition to adding different actions and modify the order in which they should be executed, this would already depend on what the exe is supposed to do or its purpose, but with a more technical function you can execute lines of code in c or c + + for better performance in the functions.
As you can see the high compatibility and action functions return to InstallMate in a complete and modifiable system to the point that no user could have the same features, so testing it is more than recommended and with a few guides on the web you will have no problem using it with all its active functions.


Download InstallMate

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