Download iTools For Windows and Mac (Version

Download iTools For Windows and Mac (Version
Download iTools For Windows and Mac (Version

manage your iOS devices through an intuitive interface via your Windows PC. Import your photos and manage your apps. Download iTools now

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Download iTools For Windows and Mac (Version For touch users, the latest file manager tool has been introduced which provides a user-friendly and easy way to interact with the device. iTools free is a very simple and light application that consumes very little space in your system. This program is a brainchild of ThinkSky, it has been designed keeping in mind the Apple, iPhone, and iPad users. This application is capable of making a trusted connection between your computer system and your device. However, the main function of itools free is managing all your phone files from your computer. It is capable of customizing the files containing ebook, video, audio, image, and many other media. Moreover, it is capable of creating backups for your apps on your system. Also, it can perform the installation and uninstallation of an app very fast.

Download iTools For Windows and Mac (Version

iTools: An Overview

No external plugin is required for the working of this application. It has everything inbuilt on its own. Also, it ensures that the data shared between your PC and device stay protected. It works mainly in two different modes. Firstly, it is used to control and manage all apps that are running on your system. Secondly, it is capable enough to deal with all the files and folders that are present on your device. Both Windows and Mac support this application. iTools free is more flexible compared to any other tools available in the market. Again, one of its best features includes it offering an option to transfer media between the touch phone and PC is a very secure way. Also. after the successful transfer of data, it can be watched anywhere without any effect on the pixels. It also enables the generation of a report on the performance of your device.

It can also be said that it is an alternative to iTunes that enables you to manage both your iPhone or iPad without any need of installing iTunes from Apple. This device is supported by all models of the iPhone or iPad. The user interface of this application is very intuitive and easy to use attracts users. This application is a complete solution by which you can manage your iPad or iPhone without any jailbreak or iTunes. Easy transfer and backup of multimedia data including music, video, books, apps, photos, contacts, between iPod, iPhone, and PC have not been this much smooth before. This application’s toolbox that comes with two sets of utilities i.e the device toolkits and other software utilities is really useful for users. All it requires you to do is to connect your device to the computer and manage it by using iTools. iTools is the all in one solution to all your requirements. Give it a try.

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How to Download iTools For Windows and Mac (Version

Click on the below link to Download iTools For Windows and Mac:

Download iTools For Windows (Version

Download iTools Pro For Mac (Version

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