Download Java 10 Offline Installers

Download Java 10 Offline Installers
Download Java 10 Offline Installers

Links to Java 10 Offline Installers for Windows, Mac, Solaris SPARC, Linux etc.


Download Java 10 Offline Installers: One version of Java that was in use for the longest time was Java 8, after that Java 9 came and finally, Java 10 has also been introduced. The latest version has come up with a number of changes and features. Let us first start by understanding what java is.

Download Java 10 Offline Installers

Download Java 10 Offline Installers

It is a programming language that is used by the developers in order to create various applications and programs. If a user has any of the program written in this language, the user will be asked to install Java on their system to read that language. Java is safe to use, it is reliable and secure in nature. Be it your laptop, your computer system, your cell phone or anything else, Java 64- bit can be found everywhere.

Java Runtime Environment 64- bit, also known as JRE 64- bit, allows the user to play games, helps in calculating the rate of interest for them, helps in viewing the images in 3d, and plays a very important role in all the intranet applications. In order to run all the programs written in Java language, a suitable library has been provided by JRE, known as the Java Virtual Machine. This feature is inbuilt in the program and the main task of this feature is to help Java in running all the applications smoothly.  In the latest version, two new technologies have also been deployed, namely Java plugin and Java web start. With the help of Java plugin, the applications will be able to run in all the popular browsers. This is not a standalone program, which means that the user will not be able to download the same separately. And with the help of Java web start, it helps in running a particular application over a network. There are a lot of platforms that require Java in order to function properly.

As Java is known to be associated with a lot of security risks, a lot of browsers have decided not to support the program. But yes, this version can be used on Internet Explorer, Safari and few older versions of Firefox and Chrome. There is a very common misconception that exists among people, which is that Java is the same as the Javascript. It is very important for the user to understand that both these programs are independent of each other. Java helps in running the applications independently in Java, on the other hand, Javascript is used within HTML web pages. The process of downloading Java is very simple. It is free to download and easy to use. As soon as one has downloaded it, open the Java installer, click the install button and follow the instructions as mention on the screen.

Features in the latest version:

  1. A very important feature has been introduced keeping in mind the developers. The developers will no more be required to define each and every variable. All they have to do now is use the keyword and the compiler will automatically figure out the type in the content. However, there is one drawback to this. This keyword will easily work for all the local variables, but not for other variables.
  2. The latest version has focused on making sure that there are no memory leaks and the overall performance is maintained. The latest version uses G1 as their default garbage collector. Doing this will make sure that there are no memory leaks in the system.
  3. The latest version focuses on improving the overall performance of the system, making it stable in nature, and improve the security of the system. Only installing the latest and free version of Java, this will make sure that all the applications of Java will run efficiently and safety is maintained.
  4. As the user downloads the latest version, they get JRE, also known as the Java Runtime Environment 64 bit, which has a number of features like that of Java Virtual Machine, Java platform core classes, and other features that will help in supporting all the applications that run in the browser.

As soon as the installation of Java is complete, all a user has to do is restart the system to allow the installation of the program to gets complete.

Download Java 10 Offline Installers

Java SE Runtime Environment 10 
Java SE Development Kit 10

How to check the version of Java installed in the system?

Open the command prompt and run the command “java –version” and it will show you the version of Java installed and working on the system. You can also go to control panel then search for Java and click the “about” button also to check the version.

How to check the version of Java installed in the system

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