Download Java Runtime Environment

Download Java Runtime Environment Are you searching for an application that can run Java programs? Then, download Java Runtime Environment or JRE without any delay. This set of software tools is developed in a way so that the users can turn to it for developing various Java applications on their PC and web browsers for free. Combining the Java virtual machine, platform core classes and supporting libraries, this is a great software for Java developers. Although JRE is a part of Java development kit but it can be downloaded separately. JRE was a brainchild of Sun Microsystems Inc. an Oracle Corporation.

Download Java Runtime Environment

JRE comes with the libraries that are essential for running applications made with java programing language. These applications can provide a much richer online experience. Apart from this, two key deployment technologies are part of the JRE. Thus users can run this software in popular browsers and Java Web Start. JRE has witnessed various class and package additions to the core libraries and it has seen a growth from few hundred classes to several thousand in Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition. Many new APIs have been introduced and many APIs have been deleted which has also led to a significant amount of criticism.

Download Java Runtime Environment

Download Java Runtime Environment Offline Installer

Technical Details of Java Runtime Environment

Latest Version
File Name jre-6u15-windows-i586-s.exe
File Size 16.04 MB
License Freeware
Supported OS Windows (32-bit)
Author Oracle

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